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28.02.2006 Diaspora News

NPP North America Branch Salutes Ghanaians:

By Idris, Mohammed (OAG)

The Chairman and members of the Executive Committee of the North America Branch of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) take the opportunity to express their gratitude to the President, Members of Parliament, Diaspora Vote Committee and the people of Ghana for the passage of the Representative of the Peoples Amendment Bill (ROPAB) on Thursday, February 23, 2006. The ROPAB bill is a testament to the NPP government's belief in equality for all Ghanaians under the Constitution. It is also a testament to the courage, fortitude and the determination of the Kuffour Administration, NPP parliamentarians and other parliamentarians to move Ghana forward and to do right without fear of intimidation, threats and violence. The bill is also a testament to the realization of the enormous role of the Ghanaians in the Diaspora and the need for their full involvement and participation in the development of Ghana. We hope that all administrative hurdles related to the law would soon be ironed out to enable the Ghanaians residents abroad to exercise their constitutional right by registering and voting in subsequent general elections in the country.

The Electoral Commissioner has now been given the mandate to act by the majority of the people of Ghana through their representations in parliament. We, therefore, entreat the Electoral Commissioner to implement the law without delay and not to give in to those who are determined to destabilize our peaceful and democratically elected government and thereby endangering the country's stability.

Mohammed A. Idris Chairman 703 628-3676 USA