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01.10.2019 General News

Management Of An Orphanage Wades Into Comprehensive Sexuality Education Brouhaha

By Hot FM
Management Of An Orphanage Wades Into Comprehensive Sexuality Education Brouhaha
LISTEN OCT 1, 2019

The Ghana Education Service together with the Ministry of Education were purported to have earlier indicated that,as part of the new carriculum,beginning next year, pupils in all public schools, including 4-year-olds will be given Comprehensive Sexuality Education.

The comprehensive sexuality education guideline indicates that the programme would unable pupils acquire accurate and reliable information on sexual rights and reproductive health, develop skills for self development and decision making, sense of self confidence, assertiveness, ability to take responsibility, ask questions and seek help and empathy.

The programme will also seek to nurture positive attitudes and values including open-mindedness, respect for self and others, positive self esteem, comfort, non-judgemental attitude and sense of responsibility concerning sexual and reproductive health issues.

But, the programme has come under intense criticism receiving bashing from a section of the public including church leaders with many describing it as a deliberate attempt to introduce homosexuality to Ghana.

After widespread criticisms over the plan, the GES has said it has not approved any such document.

The recent organisation to also share its view on the cloying matter is Great Mission International orphanage which is located at Nungua in Accra.

In a facebook post sighted by,the management of Great Mission International Orphanage cautioned the government to desist from implementing such a programme.

Kindly read the full Statement below:
“We think it is very important one is taught about sex, its importance and danger.

Children must know and what they must know is paramount.

Sex is looked at as a taboo in the part of our world. The first teacher to speak about sex to a child must be parents.

When children are left isolated without any supervision, they will play with sex. Children at Schools, homes, hospitals, villages, remote areas, cities… don’t have any knowledge about sex hence easily involved themselves with sex.

It is better to have eyes on children all the time. The Government should not go the way they are planning to go. A child of 4 years of age will not and cannot be taught about sex like the manner the Government is planning to do. A 4 year old child can be taught on the right and wrong touch and that is very important.

We teach our children about wrong and right touch. We told them about how God Himself sees sex and how it is wrong to use it when not right time.

Because of this teachings and the bible warnings, all the girls who grow up from us know how to keep themselves. Those who are in the picture are 14 years old and above now and are all still virgins. They know they can’t do it. All the girls who knew no man before coming to us are still intact. They know our position and they want to grow well.

Teachers can teach children about sex but not the way it is planned to be done now.

The first thing we should be doing as a Country is to know the kind of stuff we project on our social media. Social media is another teacher we have to tackle. We need to ban the movies which project the inexplicable nudity of people. Children watch those things and then teach themselves and practice among themselves. Let us also control the songs they watch, some of the songs are full of nudity. Once they watch them, they try to do same and it becomes bad.

We should also encourage parents in rural areas to desist having intercourse in the presence of children. Children most of time pretend to be asleep when they share rooms with their parents and then watch everything that goes on in between Papa and Mama. We need to alert parents. They must get the right time for their sexual activities. Children see…

We would like to stop typing plenty but will say sex education is not bad but we must know what to teach and at what age to teach those.

Again, our Country does not have much experience in sex education at children’s level yet, so Government should not be in a haste to implement what they are bringing on table now. It must be a slow introduction since it is a new culture in disguise vis a vis of our norms.

We would also want to call on the Government to introduce the education of the Bible and good moral in Schools.

Thank you very much and hope the Government will take our little advice”.


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