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01.10.2019 Press Release

Government Must Withdraw CSE And Replace It With A Comprehensive Computing Education

By Center For Progressive Governance
Government Must Withdraw CSE And Replace It With A Comprehensive Computing Education
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Center for Progressive Governance (CenProG) has noted with deep concern the recent discussions surrounding the review of the curriculum for education in the country especially on the Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE). Like many right thinking members of our country, it is important for government to note that we have very serious reservations and would join parents to resist any such attempt at toying with our cultural and moral norms.

CenProG therefore welcomes, with some level of satisfaction, the subtle retreat by the government and the subsequent removal of the CSE materials from the NaCCa website. We applaud the efforts of all in ensuring that the CSE in its current form and shape did not see the light of day, but this is far from over. We must demonstrate extreme, eternal vigilance and maintain an unwavering interest in the activities of government, GES and NaCCa to ensure that it is not smuggled back into our educational system; a small price to pay to safeguard the morality of our future leaders.

We at CenProG are not oblivious of some of the reasons that have been ascribed for the introduction of the CSE and key amongst these is the fact that they are being prepared to be able to adapt and “face the world”. This could not be any further from the truth as no country, developed or developing, is currently preparing to face the world by sexuality but rather through technology. The current government obsession with Comprehensive Sexuality Education has the underpinnings of the LGBT agenda and so government must be truthful with the main reasons behind this.

To this end, CenProG suggests the following:

1. Government must withdraw from any or all discussions and/or consultations regarding the CSE and as a matter of urgency, withdraw any related materials. Our culture has its own tried and tested way of teaching us to appreciate sexuality and we must stick to that.

2. Government should replace this CSE with a Comprehensive Computing Education where children from the basic schools through Senior High school would be taught coding and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to augment efforts in the study of Maths and Science. That is the surest way to prepare them to “face the world”.

CenProG agrees that our future leaders must be prepared to face/compete with the rest of the world but that preparation is certainly not sexuality education but TECHNOLOGY. Government must therefore set its priorities right and channel our meagre resources into the introduction of a Comprehensive Computing Education to adequately prepare our children for the world, not a botched LGBT backed CSE.


Sawadogo Mahmoud

(Executive Secretary, CenProG)


Tuesday, October 1, 2019

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