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29.09.2019 Press Release

Ghanaians Should Ignore The Confused NDC And Take The Destabilisation Plot Seriously

Ghanaians Should Ignore The Confused NDC And Take The Destabilisation Plot Seriously
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Over the past weeks, Ghana's media and political space, have been buzzing with the breaking of the news by the information minister, Hon Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, of an attempt by a group of unwholesome Ghanaians, to destabilize the country in order to take over the reigns of government.

It's worrying how we as a people, treat issues of national security. Regardless of the level of distrust one may have for government, it's important that, before we proceed to make a joke of such disclosures by government, we reflect a bit in order not to compromise our own safety. More worrying, is how a section of the media and some security analysts, led the charge in mocking the announcement of government, without the benefit of the details of the issue, available to government.

Having said that, the NDC appears to be jittery since the news broke. As if they have been put into a defensive mode, they have sought to forcefully accuse Government of diversionary tactics. Is it not curious to ask why the NDC has been discomforted by the news when no one has accused them of complicity? Is it the case of the dry bones and old age?

The reckless posture of the NDC, which was this week given weight, by their flagbearer, former president, Mahama, goes to chip away the little credibility left of the NDC, as an alternative government. As a serious political party, they could have used their minority in parliament to ask for further details from Government rather than resort to this infantile political approach.

We note that last week on Joy FM's newsfile, the venerable Abdul Malik Kweku Baako, shocked the entire nation by giving a tip of the information available to the state security apparatus. His reluctant disclosure, shocked the NDC panelist, Hon Inusah Fuseini, on the show. Thereafter, we have seen a reversal of the seemingly social media trolling of government, led by the footsoldiers of the clueless NDC. This is a lesson to the NDC.

There can be no justification for anyone to contemplate an overthrow of Government in this age of our democratic experiment. Previous overthrows have proven to be worst and many analysts have opined that, military juntas in our history, are the cause of Ghana's underdevelopment. Indeed a worst democratic government is a million times better than the best military government.

We are calling on Government to speed up investigations into the matter and prosecute those involved accordingly, to serve as a deterrent to others. Further, we ask all commentators to be measured in discussing this sensitive national security issue. Casting doubts on the security establishment of the state is a dangerous phenomenon and could be used as a leverage for miscreants to visit mayhem on our country. This is why we ask security analysts not to fall for NDC's cheap political game lest they embarrass themselves after the facts are made available.


Nana Boateng, NPP Germany Branch

Communications Director.

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