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27.02.2006 General News

ROPAB takes centre stage at bars


Bawku (UER), Feb 27, GNA - The passage of the Representation of People's Amendment Bill (ROPAB) by Parliament last week generated much controversial reactions at most of the popular drinking bars at Bawku during the week end.

During visits by the Ghana News Agency (GNA) to five top popular spots, most of the weekend revellers were overheard arguing on top of their voices over the strengths and weaknesses of ROPAB that attracted a lot of spectators.

Both the proponents and opponents of the bill could not identify themselves with any political party but refer to themselves as "concerned citizens of Ghana.'

Proponents of the bill contended that it was appropriate to seek the mandate of every Ghanaians resident abroad to have a say in the governance of the state since most have contributed substantially to the growth of the economy.

They added that the participation of such residents in governance would go a long way to encourage them to remit more financial inflows to assist the state to meet most of its goals of wealth and job creation. Opponents of it, however, maintained that the bill was not a top priority but a sinister move by the government to rig the elections due to it waning popularity because of its unfavourable policies that had inflected hardship on the people. On a conciliatory note, both groups condemned the violence that broke out during the demonstration against the bill and the boycott of Parliament by the Minority party on proceedings on the bill.