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26.02.2006 Crime & Punishment

Drama at Police Station-Phone thief confesses


Akatsi, Feb 26, GNA - Jonathan Attippoe, 35, who was at pains during interrogation at the Akatsi Police Station to convince the Police that he did not steal a mobile phone, conceded theft of another phone whose owner walked in during the grilling to report that his room had been broken into and a phone picked.

Attippoe confessed he broke into Asimiyu Akano Agboluaje, the complainant's room, when a call from a police phone to the lost phone was picked by Attippoe's phone, which was in the custody of the Police. Attippoe was subsequently brought before an Akatsi Magistrate Court, charged with theft, and sentenced to 18 months imprisonment in hard labour. He pleaded guilty.

Police Inspector Henry Vorsah told the court that when Attippoe was being questioned on February 15 over the loss of another phone Mr Agboluaje, a Nigerian, walked into the charge office to report that his room was burgled and a mobile phone stolen.

He said the Police gave a phone to Agboluaje to call his number. Mr Vorsah said in the presence of the police, the complainant and Attippoe, a phone Attippoe was holding when he was picked up for interrogation "cried out in answer to the call". He said Attip poe then confessed to the offence and was subsequently charged.

Mr Vorsah said Police were continuing with investigations on the loss of the phone for which Attippoe was originally picked for questioning.