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25.02.2006 General News

Chief scold NPP and NDC activists


Accra, Feb. 25, GNA - The ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) have been challenged to demonstrate beyond reasonable doubts their genuine commitment towards defending national interests.

The two dominant political parties since the inception of the fourth republic have demonstrated political arrogance, selfishness, insensitivity and define national interest based on their electoral gains either from the perspective of a ruling government or that of opposition, Nana Kwabena Angu II Apintohene of Wassa West Traditional Area told the Ghana News Agency in an interview on Saturday. He said, "Depending on their political position (In Government or Out-off Government) leading members of the two parties continue to confuse the public with phrases and accusations of one party playing politics with national interests."

Nana Angu therefore called on politicians, especially leading functionalists of NPP and NDC to embrace the concept of regional integration into national politicking for socio-economic prosperity. He said unfortunately leading members of NPP and NDC have attended numerous workshops at the both local and international levels on the benefits of regional integration for enhancement of competition, productivity, easy access to resources but have woefully failed to link it up for the practical politically integration for the enhancement of the country's democratic dispensations.

The Apintohene of Wassa said with the modern trend of technological advancement, strict adherence to political ideological barriers serve to frustrate national unity, democratic development, social and political activities and called for their immediate removal. "Political Integration and consensus building on national issues brings more benefits than dangers," he said, adding, "this is why in the wisdom of the Electoral Commission the Inter-Party Advisory Committee was created whiles the Institute of Economics Affairs gave it additional impetus with the formation of the Party Chairmen Caucus."

Nana Angu therefore urged politicians to put behind them the political and economic differences created by ideological and individual egoism and forge ahead with efforts to build national integration. The Apintohene said the failure to achieve consensus on national issues in recent past and the sharp division that it had created should inspire leaders in all political parties to give meaning to reconciliation in spite of their political differences.

"Our country is faced with enormous challenges and problems. It is time for us to start channelling our energies towards improving the future," he said.

"We should never forget the basic principles and lessons learnt from the civil wars around us we must use it as a firm foundation to guide us as we engage in politicking". Nana Angu urged Civil Society Organisations, Labour Unions, Traditional and Religious Authorities, and other stakeholders to call politicians to order, "as their actions in recent past had the potential of plunging the nation into civil war. "We should not sit down and watch whiles politicians destroy our national cohesion, tradition, customs and integrity on the alter of political expediency." The Apintohene, who is also the chief of Awoduah said the country should also avoid extremes of left and right as it tries to build a strong economy. 25 Feb. 06