19.09.2019 Feature Article

Can Kantanka Meet The New Challenges In The Technological Automobile industry?

Kantanka's dream of reality: The Bugatti Car
LISTEN SEP 19, 2019
Kantanka's dream of reality: The Bugatti Car

Kantanka Automobile Company Limited is a privately owned Ghanaian vehicles manufacturing company, which was established in 2004, by one Kwadwo Sarfo Kantanka.

Since then, the company has steadily produced amazing cars and trucks, leaving no room to underestimate the African automobile industry, which is often greeted with scorn, due to the high demand for European vehicles.

The company claim they specialize in the manufacturing of on-road and off-road vehicles that meet the challenging nature of the Ghanaian and African terrain, since the company’s vehicles serve all purposes and roads in the country, with a pickup truck, tough four-wheel drive, and electric-powered vehicles.

However, it worth to demand how far would Kantanka go when it comes to the highly competitive world of the European automobile industries, changing gear to save the world from drastic climate change?

There was a time diesel-operated vehicles were encouraged by Europe automobile manufacturing companies, but today, it's surprising that Europe is gradually removing all diesel-operated vehicles from the road because they are no longer environmentally friendly.

The struggle for ecology has led to the fact that automobile manufacturers have increasingly begun to pay attention to natural materials that could replace artificial ones in the automotive industry.

Thus, the automotive business desire is to surpass competitors in the field of innovation, as well as reduce costs at all stages of product development.

With Africa’s fastest-growing economy, can the automobile companies in Africa, including Kantanka, have the vision and the right tools to compete with the well-established and technologically innovated European automobile industry?

The electric car is considered, in many contexts, as one of the keystones for guaranteeing a green transition to the most advanced economic systems, surprisingly, Kantanka automobile company has already started producing electric cars.

This is a great achievement by an African car company because it hasn't been easy for the European automobile companies to embrace this modern innovation.

Eco-friendly world of green and the elimination of air pollution, to save the planet, have called scientists, fuel and auto manufacture companies in Europe, to work together hand in hand to create a brighter future and free - environmental hazard.

Applying technology in an innovative context has already been achieved by the Kantanka Automobile Industry, therefore, all that the company needs is international promotion and marketing to meet the demand in Africa.

Kantanka must also try to organize an international exhibition to make its products familiar to the world. Other countries have done that the reason today there are Hyundai, Kia, Skoda, Lada, etc, on our roads.

Europe will not always find a market in Africa for their automobiles, it's time for the Ghanaian government to assist and sell the country’s innovation abroad.

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