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18.09.2019 Feature Article

Will There Be A Popular Uprising Because Our Oligarchs Have Crossed The Rubicon?

Will There Be A Popular Uprising Because Our Oligarchs Have Crossed The Rubicon?
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Mr. Alex Mould is quite a brilliant gentleman. It enabled him rise to the very top of the proverbial greasy pole, during his stint at the Standard Chartered Bank, at one stage in his varied career as a high-powered business executive. As it happens, he also has extensive knowledge of the workings of Ghana's energy sector.

It is the shocking, abominable and unpardonable goings-on in that particular sector of our national economy, which have been of concern to him, since he lost his CEO position at the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) - and made him so vocal of late, leading him to share his views on the Power Distribution Services (PDS) scandal: most of which have been reported in sections of the Ghanaian media.

Naturally, there are those who will say that now that he no longer has any influence on activities in that sector, he has suddenly discovered the extent to which the toxic-miasma enveloping our nation - the nation-wrecking phenomenon known as state-capture - has eaten into the fabric of the Ghanaian polity, and turned our democracy into an oligarchy in all but name.

(To quote an old wag I know: "Kofi, to add insult to injury, the machinery of state is being mobilized to empower ambitious Chiefs, some of whom clearly think there are monarchies-within-the-Ghanaian-nation-state, which they rule as absolute monarchs, and are therefore above our laws. What tosh. The sods!" Ouch. A bit unfair, perhaps. But I digress.)

What Alex Mould & Co don't realize, is that the disillusionment caused by the NPP/NDC duopoly's boot-for-boot-equalisation-politricks, which is leading to public disenchantment with our democratic system, will consume all of them in the conflagration that will occur, when the powder keg we sit on as a people eventually explodes.

Finally, to quote my old friend again: "Alas, none of them will be spared, when the next Jerry Rawlings rises up, against our unjust and unfair system, which is literally enslaving the masses - whiles a greedy and powerful few hijack and appropriate our nation's wealth. We have crossed the Rubicon. Enough is enough. Haaba. That uprising will come as sure as day follows night. And it will succeed because it is in the national interest that it does come to pass." One hopes not, though, for all our sake. Yooooo. Hmmmm...

Kofi Thompson
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