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23.02.2006 Diaspora News

Ghanaian in NJ support ROPAB

By Charles N N-Mensah (MR CNN)
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ewark, NJ

The ROPAB Bill has become the top issue in Ghana as parliament await to pass the bill. With numerous demonstrations from the oppositions to stop the bill from passing. FINALLY THE BILL HAS PASSED. Ghanaians in New Jersey also wanted their voices heard and as a result a meeting was held concerning their opinions on the BIll.

On Saturday evening, Feb,18 06, around 5pm, hundreds of Ghanaians flocked to the new auditorum called The African Center for Cultural Resource which is located on James Street in Newark, NJ to let the people of Ghana hear their concerns about the Proposed Bill.

The event was organised by Lord Ike Boateng, Kofi Bawuah of Africa Union Assciation and Kwame Djan of Africa Community Initiative. The event involved Ghanaians from the Tri-State area; New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Attendees concluded that they contribute immensely to their to motherland; Ghana in regards to their status here in U.S A.

The Africa Union Association and Africa Community Initiatives have demonstrated a consistent commitment to all great parties in U.S A and also have a 5013c status to support any movement within the United States. The unselfishness of the Association's mission has undoubtedly impacted and improved countless Ghanaians' lives.

They have mentioned that they are ready to work with any government to pass the ROBAB Bill as well as ready to assist in building a good data base.