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Campus Today Wants School Placement Outsourced To Detach Politics From Education

Campus Today Wants School Placement Outsourced To Detach Politics From Education
LISTEN SEP 17, 2019

The Executive Director of Campus Today, Mr. Kwabena Boakye Owusu-Ansah has said in a statement that he suggests the Ghana Education Service and the Ministry of Education can outsource the services of school placement to a private firm so it concentrates on its core mandate of providing accessible and quality education to Ghanaians.

He said this to call on the government to take heed to his call to involve the private sector so government initiatives can easily be sustainable after take over by successive governments.

“Ghanaian parents never picketed GES 15 years ago when their wards had no admission. Since the inception of the school placement system parents has consistently held the government accountable for the inability of their wards to be enrolled in their chosen respective Senior High Schools of interest. This entitlement has made parents accuse the government even when their wards had failed either the exams or to choose appropriate classes of schools for their first to the fourth choice.

Most parents at the black star square have refused to leave without a school and somehow believe that it is their right for their wards to get into the schools they desire despite their performance. Education is a right but not the choice of school. You could have the right to Free SHS in any SHS school in the country but your choice of school was dependent on how well you qualified for that particular school.

Secondly, if you chose only first-class or second-class schools or second-class schools and performed poorly in the examinations, you might receive a school that you never chose using the algorithms of the system. This should be household knowledge by now, but I believe more education is needed at the basic school level.

Campus Today has continually tried to get the government to re-visit the universal application platform for Universities in Ghana and involve the private sector to help prevent facing similar challenges facing the B.E.C.E school placement system.

The Campus Today Universal Application Platform hosted on, Uni-Apply currently processes a universal admission form to all private universities in the country and I know we can do more”. He made these statements after the recent reports from parents and their wards at the black star square.


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