17.09.2019 Press Statement

EFF Africa Secretary Generals Press Statement On The Violence In South Africa

By EFF Africa Secretary Generals
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The Council of EFF Africa Secretary Generals strongly condemns recent violence against fellow black Africans in South Africa. We are gravely concerned that such violence undermines the spirit of African unity. It is particularly a disturbing development to see Africans violently attacking other Africans on African soil. We as Africans must seek to support each other, fight for each other rather than to divide each other and fight against each other. There can be no justification for violently attacking fellow black Africans, looting and vandalising their properties. The economic problems in South Africa are not caused by African immigrants. On the contrary, decades of looting of South Africa’s natural resources by imperialist created some of the economic problems South Africa is facing today.

We call upon the government of South African to take decisive action to address the root causes of such violent acts. We further call upon the government of South Africa to ensure the protection of African immigrants in South Africa.

To our South African brothers and sisters, other Africans are not the cause of high unemployment, poor government policies or economic inequalities in your country. The imperialists who are still controlling the bulk of the economy in South Africa are the cause of economic and social inequalities. We urge you to robustly engage your political leaders to address these issues constructively.

We remain resolute that a borderless Africa is the way forward. Africa is one continent and we are one people. We need to join hands and fight for economic freedom for the whole of Africa.

Yours in the Revolution,


  1. Siphosenkosi Matshokomola Bhalule (Zimbabwe Economic Freedom Fighters)
  2. Ernest Moibah Jr (EFF Liberia)
  3. Paul Kanyimbo (EFF Malawi)
  4. Anthony Akudago (EEF Ghana)
  5. Secretary General (EFF Niger)
  6. Secretary General (EFF Uganda)
  7. Secretary General (EFF Nigeria)
  8. Secretary General (EFF Botswana)
  9. Secretary General (EFF Namibia)
  10. Secretary General (EFF Mozambique)
  11. Secretary General (EFF Zambia)

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