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You Cannot Save Akufo-Addo Or The Underperforming MP For Mfantseman Hon. Kow Kwansah Hayford By Word Of Mouth Or Untruth

President Akufo-Addo
LISTEN SEP 16, 2019
President Akufo-Addo

The Central Regional Minister, Mr Kwamena Duncan's attempt to hold breath for the Mfantseman MP during the grand durbar of the Bobor Mfantse festival of the people of Mankessim last Saturday was just unfortunate. In trying to rebrand the timid MP overnight, the people who looked cheerful at a point before Mr Kwamena Duncan took his turn to fall into promising spree, suddenly became astonished over a strange testimony given about the MAs if that was not enough, we also took aback at the pronouncement of the Mankessim market to take off soon when we knew plans were far advanced including mounting of the artistic impression at Mankessim roundabout somewhere 2016. It was also a fact that, John Mahama, on 12th April, 2019, during his tour in Central Region, even reiterated his commitment to the people of Mankessim to continuing the process to ensure the project sees the light of day in his next term of office. The world bank funding project reached a stage of commencement before NDC left power which we are aware of, so why delay?

Nonetheless, we are as well reminding the Regional Minister that, it is long overdue for this complex to take off knowing the availability of fund that was earmarked by JM through world bank. (Meanwhile it is also a trite knowledge that, there is an alleged transfer of funds for the project to the Business Development Ministry hence delay"). Therefore, it is absolutely uncalled for a whole Regional Minister to have posited to the people of Mankessim as planners of the same project they themselves have delayed it following the culture of silence of our underperforming MP to push it, or, and Nana Addo's desire to abandon John Mahama's projects..

Today, high levies and conditions under which market people in Mankessim go through every passing day is unbearable yet the only thing the 21% scoring MP and his party interested in is empty talks.

The truth of the matter is that, the people's assessment about the performance of the MP the Regional Minister tried to save face did not only worsen his (MP's) case but turned the NPP govt a mountain of ridicule.

Lastly, if the minister cares to know, programme like Saturday's was a clear opportunity to tell the people what Nana Addo/Kow Quansah Hayford govt got to show the people of Mankessim in particular, rather than making promises when we have few months to the general elections to unseat the MP and Nana. At least we eagerly wanted to hear from the Minister about the state of our Factory, $1m, jobs and other unfulfilling promises but nothing. Look, Mankessim voted for change and have witnessed mess and no amount of 'shouts' Hon. Minister made in hailing Kow Kwansah disguisedly will change the mindset of the people toward voting out the deceitful Nana, Kwamena Duncan and Kow Kwansah govt.

Long live Mankessim

Long live Ghana

Signed ;

Solomon Arthur

(Concerned Citizen of Mankessim)


Samuel Atiemo Amihere

( concerned citizen of Mankessim)


Gideon Ahiado

(Concerned citizen of Mankessim)


Georgette Muss

(Concerned citizen of Mankessim)


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