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Fleecing the Sheep (first published in 2015)
Feature Article Letter To The Holy Spirit
SEP 15, 2019 LISTEN

My Holy Spirit, greetings to you and the entire host of heaven. Even though I know you are more than aware of the concerns I am about to share with you, sharing it I believe may win at least a soul in addition to the current population in our Everlasting Kingdom. So Sir, please permit me. Thank you.

In recent times a custom has been established by Preachers that has put you in a negative light. I have observed for a very long time that any visiting preacher is ‘instructed’ by the Holy Spirit to raise some offerings. Today, it seems the Holy Spirit is motivated, excited and can only be activated at the scent and smell of money.

My Holy Spirit, I find it difficult to understand, for example, how a 3 day programme organized by a church with 4 different preachers and each preacher will be led by the Holy Spirit to raise special offerings with the same congregation.

In the church today, it does not matter how committed you are. Be it an usher, chorister or a security man. You may clean the entire compound of the worship place, but if you do not drop money on the altar, the Holy Spirit will not bless you. In fact, if somebody wants a special anointing, he need to sow a particular amount of money. Indeed, the amount one sows will determine the intensity and the anointing the Preacher will release on the person. Please, what happened to Romans 12:1

When we are raising offerings in church, we call those with the highest amount first and special prayers will be said over them. This continue to the least who receive normal prayer. In our churches today, those who do not have always feel guilty especially when it comes to giving offering. They are not comfortable hence some prefer to stay at home when they do not have money for offering leading to backsliding of a number of your disciples.

In these last days, when someone wants to be used mightily of God, he does not need to pray with fasting but all that he has to do is to drop a fat offering and that will activate a special tongues by the Man/Woman of God over his/her life. We seem to ignore the pivot role of SERVICE and HOLY LIFE. This is contrary to what I read in the Bible (Acts 8:18-20) about one Simon who offered Peter money to receive the Power. Of course Peter rejected and sternly rebuked him.

Precious Holy Spirit, I thought our Father have a special love for the poor, the widow and orphaned children… Psalm 146:9 but it seems we are rather doing the opposite. We rather love the rich and mighty at the expense of the poor.

I know you are also aware of the monetization of the Holy Scriptures. I have head Preachers who say for example; ‘Send me $202.00 if you want to experience 2Chronicles 20:20’. Many of us erroneously think that because you use us in the prophetic, healing and miracle ministries, we are in sync with you. I shudder at this impression because our Lord Jesus was very emphatic in Mat 7:21-23 that there are some of us He will totally reject and even classified these as evil people. What a harsh word to be used on a servant of God.

My Lord, I know you are disappointed in some, if not many of us. We have been bought over by the world. Our messages are dictated by the world. Today, when you warn a brother or sister about a particular lifestyle, he immediately retort ‘why do you judge, who appointed you judge over me..’ thus many of your disciples have been coward by this evil tool. No wonder your church is full of sinful lifestyle and worldly dressing. Our women dress half naked, advertising their cleavages, dangling metals (ornaments) and caricature face painting. These they call ‘beautiful’ but they do not know they are spiritually tattered, stinking and smelling with satanic odour.

Holy Spirit, I know you are about to shake the church, I know you are raising servants who will not be compromised by the world, I know you have reserved some who have not bowed to ballam. I agree with you, that this is the time to showcase these men and women of yours you have prepared for this generation. Please amplify their voices. When they speak let the church quake and the world tremble, grant them your boldness and courage to rebuke sin in your church so that your children will be preserved for the coming of the MESSIAH. Release these Servants of Yours with POWER into the four corners of the world to tell your people the truth about heaven and hell.

My Lord, I share in your pain and sorrow about the church, but please they that will read this letter and find it worthy to REPENT of their actions, please do not hesitate to forgive them and empower them with the truth.

My Lord, just as the world is now bold with their evil ways, not to talk of the fact that nations are now legalizing sin (homosexuality, bestiality, pedophilia, etc. etc.) so will you even more empower your TRUE SERVANTS WITH POWER.

My Lord at this moment I write with heaviness of heart, how your churches in especially Europe and America are getting empty, church buildings that used to be filled with people are being bought by other religions with Godlessness becoming the dominant religion of the world. My Lord shake us again, because I am weeping at this moment. At least give us the last and final REVIVAL before the KING OF KINGS is released. If not your harvest will be negligible.

Please, have mercy on us and forgive us of the atrocities we have meted out to you. Forgive us of the disrespect and the frustration we have caused you. BECAUSE OF ME AND THE OTHER FIVE PEOPLE WHO AGREE WITH ME, PLEASE DON’T BRING YOUR JUDGMENT ON US. You were looking for only five witnesses to pardon Sodom and Gomorrah, but I believe this time you will have more than five people.

My Lord, before I drop my pen, let me sincerely thank you for the grace and fortitude provided for me to write this letter.


From your Servant

Nathaniel Nii Odoi Rudolph

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