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21.02.2006 General News

PNC stands against ROPAB


Accra, Feb. 21, GNA - The People's National Convention (PNC) on Monday called on the leadership of all political parties to sit together and find solution to the Representation of the People Amendment Bill (ROPAB) conundrum.

It endorsed the position of the leadership of the party that ROPAB had the potential to destabilise the country's democracy and should not be passed now.

In a statement signed by Dr Edward Mahama, PNC Leader, he thanked all operatives, supporters and the public for being committed and loyal to the party.

Dr Mahama said, "considering the high level of corruption, massive youth unemployment, rising fuel prices, the general level of despair and hopelessness, the PNC would re-iterate the following that it remained an independent party of the Nkrumaist lineage, that it had its heritage of honest and sincere leadership starting from Dr Kwame Nkrumah to Moro Egala and the founder of the PNC, Dr Hilla Limann.

It said the PNC still stood by its ideological centre left and was not currently in alliance with any political party.