10.09.2019 Feature Article

The President's Action Epitomises Corruption

The President's Action Epitomises Corruption
LISTEN SEP 10, 2019

It is ridiculous but sad for a whole president to say that it is not his duty to convict, not his duty to investigate, not his duty to clear etc. We can, therefore, conclude that per his own words he has no duty so far as fighting corruption is a concern. If you say it is only an investigative report that clears, is it the duty of the president to announce the clearance?

He has informed us that he is committed in the fight against corruption because 21 officials of the NDC are standing trial. Hehehe..........

It is very easy to persecute opposition members, what is difficult and decisive is taking bold actions against your own.

The president keeps ranting that it is the opposition NDC that is smearing him and his government of corruption. This is too petty and an insult to the intelligence of Ghanaians.

I will like to elicit some responses on the following few issues.

1. Is it the NDC that caught the PPA Boss who was romancing the procurement structures for personal aggrandizement?

2. Is it the NDC, that sent the fake journalists to Australia in the famous Australia visa racketeering scandal?

3. Is it the NDC that caught Charles Bissue in-camera, collecting bribes and promoting galamsey instead of fighting against it? I guess

Charles was appointed by the NDC into the Inter-ministerial committee to sabotage Nana and his government.

4. Is it the NDC that asked the GRA to engage in a conflict of interest situation by renting offices to GRA at outrageous charges?

5. Is it the NDC that said that PDS was involved in a fraud scandal?

6. Is it the NDC that asked the BOST boss to contaminate fuel and sell them to an unregistered company?

7. Is it the NDC that sent the former minister of state at the presidency to bribe the starrnews journalist to cover up issues of corruption?

8. Is it the NDC that said the NYA boss, Mr. Emmanuel Asigri has engaged in some questionable dealings? How is the NDC part of it when you hurriedly fired him and his deputies? You did that for no reason?

9. Is it the NDC that occasioned the EIA report that indicts government officials to have been engaging in rosewood business illegally?

10. Was it the NDC that asked the ministry of fisheries to divert premix fuel?

11. Is it the NDC that asked the Auditor General to discover questionable spendings in the various state institutions?

12. Is it the NDC that told the former minister of energy to engage in the president misled Ameri scandal?

13. Please was it the NDC that asked the minister for special initiatives to budget for a website at the cost of 800,000?

14. What about the Ghana Maritime Authority boss who chopped thousands of cedis on a one night party, used a questionable amount to renovate his resident and installed countless air conditioners? So that was the work of NDC to sabotage the government?

The list is countless and I could go on and on. Where does the NDC come in? Then the NDC is really very powerful for its ability to use your own appointees to engage in a smear campaign against you. This pettiness must stop!! Such lazy responses only insult the many discerning citizens, civil society groups, the moral society and the vibrant media whose vigilance, is the reason for the exposer of those numerous corruption scandals.

The action and inaction of the president now only seek to give a tacit endorsement to the corrupt acts of his corrupt appointees.

I am very disappointed with the president. His reluctance to the fight against corruption within his own regime shows that he is complicit. He is a very corrupt empty braggart whose action is only escalating this menace of corruption in our country.

The most corrupt government in the history of Ghana is the NPP government under Nana Akufo Addo. It is sad!!

The president should stop his endlessly blame game and be a man for once. He must confront the issues and take responsibility. Nobody asked him to appoint a family and friends government. Nobody asked him to appoint a gargantuan number of appointees. Does he not know that creating more bureaucratic structures makes the system convoluted and fertile for corruption? Governance is a serious business and we need somebody that will accept responsibility in confronting emerging situations. When you have a leader who only blames people all the time and sit aloof at the time when economic hardship has reached a crescendo, where security becomes porous and corruption become the new gospel, know that we are doom. Such is our narrative.

We have talkative, not leaders, braggarts and not knowledgeable, opportunists and not real leaders. Sadly, they are so arrogant, vindictive, and so intolerant that everybody now sits back and allows them to display their super incompetence. Only time will tell.

It is only God that is taking care of this country.

Denis Andaban

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