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Parents are required to teach their children the Ten Commandments: The true Law

By Joseph Costa
Parents are required to teach their children the Ten Commandments: The true Law
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Parents teaching...??
Unlike in the days of yore, of old, these days it's parents that most need to be taught, as they transfuse their incredulity and their bad habits - and sometimes even their moral criminality - onto their innocent children, who thereby perforce grow up reflecting their parents' deficiencies. Children carry these deficiencies into the school classroom, playground, and thence into their adulthood - and so society crumbles, degenerates.

And degeneration leads to disasters and war - and this is what's happening in today's world, where many people have already freely chosen to become new Canaanites - legal baby killers - even worse than the ancient Canaanites, whom the Lord God found so repugnant, so abominable, that He once ordered the ancient Hebrews to exterminate them from the face of the earth.

Consider the great number of adults and children who are presently on illicit drugs of some sort, as an example. Or the many children who are born illegitimately, out of wedlock, or who simply don't know who their father is. Some parents, to elicit sympathy for their cause, even use their own children as bargaining chips or similar.

A 'picture is worth a thousand words,' so said someone, somewhere. Likewise, perhaps herein we could also say, that a good example is worth ten thousand lessons.

God has given us all a sound 'code of life' to live by: the Ten Commandments, the immutable true Law, the Law of God, of the true only God: the God of the Holy Bible.

Jesus tells us, that:
"... nothing happens unless God permits it. Also dominations [e.g. by the Romans, the Communists, Hitler's Nazi Germany, today's dictatorships by alternating major political parties, most of which, severally, are controlled by either one person or a few]: a misfortune without equal for a people [that's under domination]. But if that people should examine itself in all fairness, almost always they should say that they brought on such a misfortune by their way of living contrary to God. [= By living contrary to the Ten Commandments.]

[Natural disasters, the Holy Spirit tells us, are divine chastisements, as a result of the "... piling up of sins of every kind being committed always more on Earth.']

"Remember the [persecuted] Prophets [of the most Holy Bible, without equal - the Holy Bible first, daylight second, and everything else a very distant third way back over the horizon]. How many times have they [Prophets] spoken about that! How often have they shown with past, present, and future events that a ruler [= a dominator, a tyrant, a bad or unworthy bishop or parish priest, a political party leader - all illustrated by the 'apologue against Abimelech'] is a punishment, the lash of chastisement on the back on an ungrateful son. And how many times have they [Prophets] taught how to avoid it: by going back to the Lord. Neither rebellion nor war cure wounds or tears, neither do they undo chains. To live as just [as holy] people does all that. Then God intervenes. And what can arms and armies do against the splendour of the angelical cohorts fighting for good people?"

Hmmm... Do good people still exist? Or have they all become extinct?? Having truly become the "Babylon" of saint John's Apocalypse???

At mount Sinai [mount Horeb], after having brought the ancient Hebrews there from slavery in Egypt, a slavery that lasted for about 400 years, real prophet Moses received from the true only God, the Law: the following Ten Commandments - the 'code of life' - to be obeyed by man if he wants to avoid Hell and enter Heaven:

I. I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not have strange gods before Me.

II. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.

III. Remember thou keep holy the Sabbath day.
IV. Honour thy father and thy mother.
V. Thou shalt not kill.
VI. Thou shalt not commit adultery.
VII. Thou shalt not steal.
VIII. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

IX. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife.
X. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's goods.
Saint John tells us that, "Loving God means keeping His [Ten] Commandments..." (I John 5.3)

'Men with a love for Satan do not understand love.' And that also goes for all those who pontificate in pulpits who utter the word 'love' just about every second word, thereby making 'love' a hollow meaningless word - much like some depraved songsters do who call carnal lust, lurid sex, and sex contrary to nature or counter-culture... love.

Jesus Christ says to us, break any one of the Ten Commandments and you will lose eternal Life; follow His Counsels [= 4 Gospels], and you will grow in holiness.

The first three Commandments constitute loving God, and the rest constitute loving one's neighbour. In summary, that even a small child can easily understand and obey, God has summarised the true Law, Christianity, in 4 simple words: 'love God, love neighbour.'

Jesus Christ is, continues to be, Infinite Mercy, Saviour. A person has until his last breath to repent of his sins and seek forgiveness from Jesus. Upon earthly death, a man immediately meets Christ-the-Judge, the only Judge in the afterlife. There are no appeals whatsoever against His Judgement, a Judgement that He has long known from eternity.

Everyone has been given a free will. No one has been created a slave. We are 'tempted without our consent, but we sin with our consent.' The devil can tempt, but he cannot force the person tempted to commit sin. Of course, relentless sinning opens the door to demonic possession, usually silent demonic possession - the most lethal kind of possession, as in the example of Judas Iscariot, the greatest sinner in Hell.

It's not true that there's an eleventh commandment that says that one must be 'pastorally sensitive,' that some coward-clerics covertly implement but do not say so - a snakily form of deceit, of lying, of being dopily 'politically correct' in the religious sphere, that borders on heresy. Our glorious Christian martyrs must surely roll in their graves whenever a coward-cleric pontificates 'pastorally sensitive,' politically correct - utter nonsense - that's rubbish-speak, that must surely get heaps of approving claps and cheers from the 'boyz' - Satan and his legions of devils.

Following are some relevant severe Words of tough love from God the Father. His most holy Words are self explanatory.

Pursuant to the Divine Dictation given to holy mystic, Maria Valtorta:

God the Father says to us -
"In the majestic manifestation of [mount] Sinai, for men, for all men, I told My Servant [real prophet Moses] the rules to be observed to deserve My blessing.

[These particular manifestations of God at mount Sinai are sometimes referred to as being from, 'the terrible God of Sinai' or the 'frightful God of Sinai.']

"And if many of the minute provisions which followed the Decalogue [= Ten Commandments] - to make putting the Decalogue into practice more secure and easier for the men of old - have fallen away in the course of the centuries and with the advent of Christianity, the Decalogue has remained and does not change. It shall not change until the last day [= end of the world], and even if it should be granted to the Earth to go on living for millennia, that Decalogue shall always be the same, alway valid, always just, and always to be observed. [Amen - so be it.]

"My Son [Jesus] did not change a word of it, for the word of God may not be retouched by anyone [but some fake-news arrogant clergy do so, even in the church I usually go to]. My Word [Jesus] teaches you [men] this respect for My immutable word. Remember this. He [Jesus] confirmed the Law [Ten Commandments] in its ten untouchable commands. [Matthew 5.17-18] He replaced, however, its complementary parts, no longer consonant with the new period, with the doctrine of love [i.e. with the advent of Christianity].

"The era of punishment had reached its end, since the King [Jesus] of Love and Mercy was flourishing over the world, and, to make you more certain of this change, which was substituting forgiveness for severity, My Son [Jesus] consumed Himself for three years to preach love and forgiveness to you [men] and spurred His sacrifice [on the Cross] to set itself up as a bloody warning, on the steep slope of a mountain [Calvary], so that the whole world would look at that centre of mercy [Calvary] from which His final words, still of love and forgiveness, with the final drops of a Divine Blood, descended.

[Jesus' final words on the cross were: 'Father, forgive them; they do not know what it is they are doing.']

"The Master [Jesus] of the world until the final moment [death on the Cross] repeated to you the Perfection of the Divine Doctrine [= 'love and forgiveness' - see above], and by deeds, in addition to words, for He removed the most human provisions of the Mosaic subtleties from the ancient Decalogue and substituted His code, entirely of love. But the Decalogue remains. And it shall remain. And the world is perishing [= heading for Hell] because it no longer knows and lives out the Decalogue.

"Where are those who, invested with family authority, teach their children the first and most necessary thing to know: My Law [Ten Commandments]? Where are those who mould their children in gratitude and reverential love for Me, telling the minds and hearts [i.e. of children] that are opening up about God's wonders and acts of providence towards men?

"But I am not dealing here with other authorities. I am speaking of the first authority - that of parents. They are responsible for their children's future and, consequently, for the future of the nations.

"For, if the power-wielding authorities ruling over you were faced, throughout the Christian world, with a limitless number of family authorities holding firmly to respect for and education concerning God and the things of God, they would restrain themselves in certain excesses which not only profane the younger generations, but pave the way for increasingly tremendous days on Earth, for from young beings who are corrupt and atheistic there can arise only delinquents. [That undoubtedly exist today, worldwide, even in Legislatures and presbyteries.]

"Whether it is individual or social delinquency, it will always be delinquency spurring on towards crime, theft, abuse of power, betrayal, sedition, and all the misdeeds making the Earth a foretaste of Hell and men cruel demons towards one another.

"You [men] dream of better times. But - and I repeat words which are as old as the millennial past and ever new - 'who will give you such a spirit as to fear Me and observe My commandments so that you and your children may be happy forever [in Heaven]?' [Deuteronomy 5.29] How can you if you no longer know My commandments? What do you give your spirit [soul] so that it may live? And if it is dead [i.e. in mortal sin] because of a lack of food and breath, constrained to die without the word of God and to breathe air rendered mephitic [foul] by your sins, how can you have the spirit I ask you to have?

"Yours [men's] is a closed circle. A circle of horror choking you. You can break it only with the Cross and the Gospel. They open for you the Gates to the Light of God and to the air, and to food and all that is Life. They open for you the way to return to Me.

"My terrible [frightful] Majesty may still cause you fear because you are like Adam [first created man] after the sin [of his eating the forbidden fruit]: your souls are sullied [i.e. in sin and some men thereby commit suicide], and you fear God's eye. But Christ does not cause fear. From birth to death His name is Gentleness. Come back to Me by way of His Word [= His Gospel, not men's philosophies] and His Cross. They instruct you and reconsecrate you. They are the masterpiece of divine love. Aside from them [Word {Gospel} and Cross] there is no other means of salvation. After the denial of them there remains only one thing: 'My Justice.'

"And My Justice for you [men], reduced as you are [in sin], means only 'Punishment.' Remember this and make provision."

In bringing up Boy Jesus in His Humanity, but not as God, Virgin Mary taught Her Son the Holy Scriptures, and saint Joseph the virtue of work by getting Jesus to work from a very early age, from childhood. Jesus too became a carpenter, in the steps of His beloved foster father, saint Joseph, whom, after his death in pain, Jesus buried in Nazareth somewhere, in a Nazareth that was then Jewish. It was Joseph who, when he entered Limbo upon his earthly death, told Abraham and the other Jewish patriarchs therein that the Messiah, God, Jesus, was in the world. [John 8.56]

Children must not left in idleness. And the best educator is undoubtedly the Holy Bible, that's given man proven civilised order and well-being: true civilisation to humanity around the world. Many countries are in chaos or disorder or rebellion simply because they have abandoned the Holy Bible and/or are persecuting those who obey it.

Virgin Mary, as a Jewess in Her flesh - from the line of king David of Judah - was nominally taught by Her parents up to the age of three, and then, thereafter, nominally taught by the Jewish clergy in the Temple of Jerusalem wherein She resided as a consecrated boarder there, up to the age of about 15-16 years. Then She left the Temple to marry saint Joseph, who was then a Nazirite, a marriage that was done pursuant to the then Jewish rite of marriage. Saint Joseph was chosen for Her in an incontestable, miraculous way. Before marrying, they both freely offered their chastity in marriage to God for the early arrival of the Messiah... little did they both know that the Messiah was to be Mary's not yet conceived Son, Jesus [in His Humanity]. Mary Herself had already freely offered Her Virginity to God for such a holy purpose when She was about 2-3 years old.

Jesus is the role model for children, saint Joseph for husbands, and Virgin Mary for mothers and wives: the Holy Family for families. Saint Joseph's and Virgin Mary's main concern during their earthly life was: Jesus, their Child.

Sweet loving, adorable Jesus Christ continues to be, now and in eternity, true God and true Man.

Saint John cautions us:
"Let those who blaspheme by saying that Christ was not true God and true Man cease to blaspheme out of mercy on their souls." [Implicit punishment not revealed.]

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us.
The foregoing is pursuant to the Gospel that Jesus dictated to Maria Valtorta, the Bible, and my analysis.

With kind regards.
Joseph Costa
When Jesus walked the earth, then Jewish boys, when they had reached a certain age, were required to attend school and be instructed in the Holy Scriptures [then the Old Testament], and then had to pass an exam and, if successful, they thereby became a 'son of the Law.'

When Boy Jesus - Jewish in His Humanity - reached that certain age, He too was to be instructed at school, but His Mother, Virgin Mary, opposed this, and said that She Herself was going to teach Her Son, in what today we would call, home-schooling. At this time, saint Joseph's brother, Alphaeus, was present together with his wife, Mary of Clopas, and she asked Her, Virgin Mary, if She could also teach two of her sons, Judas (= saint Jude Thaddaeus) and James (= saint James), commenting that, at school, boys learned 'evil and good.'

[Mary of Simon, a holy woman and a disciple of Jesus, was the mother of Judas Iscariot, the infamous traitor of Jesus. Mary of Simon broke down when she leaned that her son had betrayed Jesus.]

Virgin Mary said yes to Her sister-in-law's request, though Her brother-in-law, Alphaeus, was initially somewhat hesitant in permitting it, saying that his two sons - who were then very naughty boys and seemingly in continual mischief - would drive Her to despair. Among other things, Alphaeus had caught them throwing stones at one another.

But Virgin Mary, reassuring Alphaeus and his wife, said that their two boys were always good with Her, and added:

"I know how to teach without tiring them. You must hold their attention and let them relax at the same time. You must understand them, love them, and be loved by them, if you wish to get good results."

Alphaeus' two boys consented to being taught by Virgin Mary - sweetness personified - and to love Her. They affirmed their consent to love Her with a sweet kiss to Her face.

Obviously, the foregoing is the criteria that today's school teachers, and perhaps others, ought to follow in teaching.

In a commentary about this vision, Jesus referred to His Mother as being the "Seat of Wisdom, and of true Wisdom..." Currently, She's the only Bridge - the Rainbow - Peace - left between Heaven and earth. Without Her, Jesus would have long brought the earth to an end, and eventually to the Last Judgement, especially in view of today's widespread abominable evils around the world, whereby many societies have freely chosen to become new Canaanites: by legally murdering innocent defenceless babies, nearly like the ancient Canaanites did, who burned some of their babies alive. It's today's Humanity - not a city or site or country as many believe - that Jesus tells us, is the "Babylon" of saint John's Apocalypse, and this is evident just about everywhere.

Incidentally, some time later, Boy Jesus went on to pass the (oral) test, astounding His examiners with His knowledge and brilliance, and so became a 'son of the Law' in His Humanity. Boy Jesus, as God, answered the questions put to Him by His examiners.

Some pertinent Truths that Boy Jesus revealed to His examiners, using the present tense of His Words in which He said Them, are as follows:

"I can read the words [in the Holy Scriptures] which are written and those which are construed in the words themselves. [i.e.] ... I understand also the meaning of the allegory or of the symbol which is hidden under the appearance, as a pearl does not appear but it is inside an ugly closed shell."

"[Then] Israel is no longer acquainted with the Wisdom, which comes from God. It is to Him, and not to poor men, that we must apply for light, and it is not possible to have light if there is no justice and loyalty to God. That is why men sin, and God, in His anger, punishes them."

"The [then 613 Jewish] precepts exist, but they are mere words. We know them, but we do not practise them. That is why we are not acquainted with them."

[This divine Censure could also seemingly apply to the Catechism of the Catholic Church and to the 1983 Code of Canon Law. One Apostolic Nuncio - a fancy name for a big wheel in the Church's hierarchy - that I know of, refused to get involved in correcting a blatant breach of Canon Law, a refusal done cowardly and offensively simply by non-responding, by ignoring. The complainant wasn't a VIP, MP, Rep., Senator, or a 'prince muck' of any kind, but merely an ordinary person without any regalia whatsoever, and so was judged to be expendable... and so relegated 'to sit on the floor...' as someone of no consequence, relevance, or importance.]

"... every man in every period of time, must consult the Lord to know His will and comply with it to avoid drawing His anger on himself."

These days, many Christian clergy consult, not the living God to obtain wisdom, but instead while away the hours searching fruitlessly for wisdom in dead philosophers and in dead men's catchy-word sayings - impressed and dazzled by the specious reasoning of the sophists. Sophism is an enemy of Christianity.

Jesus tells us:
"Rationalism, Humanism, Philosophism, Theosophism, Naturalism, Classicism, Darwinism - you have schools and doctrines of all kinds and are concerned about them all, no matter how much Truth is very distorted or suppressed in them. You do not want to follow and deepen knowledge of the school of Christianity alone."

Saint Paul has long issued a severe warning for such rebels:

"... though it were an angel from Heaven that should speak to you a Gospel other than the Gospel we preached to you, a curse on him!" [Galatians 1.8]

I have long formed the view that we seem to be living within the meaning of saint Paul's, II Thessalonians 2.3-4. [Look it up.]

Jesus has long prophesied, pursuant to His Dictations to Maria Valtorta, as follows:

"Now, in future ages, the Son of God [Jesus] can no longer be killed, but the faith in God, the idea of God, can. So a deicide will be accomplished, which is even more irreparable, because it is without resurrection. Oh! it can be accomplished, yes. I see... It will be possible to accomplish it, because of the too many Judases of Kerioth [many like the traitor apostle, Judas Iscariot] of future ages. How horrible!...

"My Church demolished by its own ministers! While I support it with the help of victims. [= victim souls] And they, the Priests, who will have only the garment and not the soul of a Priest..."

With so much evil and apostasy all around us, who can rightly say, other than the sophists - 'stubborn against reason' - that we're not living in the long prophesied 'end times.'

There's even a high profile joker, who doesn't believe in the Holy Bible, who once said, albeit jokingly, that he's the devil; and another one, vying for similar infamy, who likewise doesn't believe in the Holy Bible, who reckons that the devil doesn't exist, except as a symbol. Maybe both jokers will change their mind when they land in the flames of Hell and meet the 'boyz' - Satan and the rest of the devils therein.

Some quotes in the Holy Bible that mention the existence of Hell, explicitly by that name, are: Matthew 5.29, 5.30, 10.28, 16.18, 18.9, 23.33. I have not bothered to get additional quotes-authorities.

Some quotes in the Holy Bible that mention the existence of Satan, devil, devils, explicitly by those names, are: Matthew 4.1, 4.5, 4.8, 4.10, 8.31, 9.33-34, 10.8, 12.24, 12.27-28, 13.38, 16.23, 17.17. Again, I have not bothered to get additional quotes-authorities.

Some years back, I did an unpleasant job: assembling an article on Hell. The thoughts about Hell and Satan are obviously horrendous and unpalatable - 'bitter medicine' for sure - but Hell and Satan do exist, whether or not we like these eternal truths. They must be faced, and dealt with. And Satan wants to drag everyone into Hell. Some people, especially today's new Canaanites, the macabre baby killers, don't need to be dragged.

And then there are the serial sinners - the dust-warriors and the mighty ants of the earth - who want to judge Almighty God, by their discussion stopper and condemnation, by their ding-a-ling: 'But isn't God, love?'

God is love, true, for sure, but He's not a servant or a lap-dog, that many sinners want Him to be, so as to go on disobeying and sinning and rebelling against the Ten Commandments, and doing whatever they like, like Satan likes it, as he liked it just before he got booted out of Heaven and down into the Abyss: into Hell.

It is for us, all of us without exception, to submit humbly and to obey reverentially what our Lord God, our Almighty Creator and Father, wants; not He to submit humbly and obey reverentially what we, His sons created from dust by His Power, want.

The Holy Spirit cautions us:
"No one can arrogate to himself [the right] to make observations nor impositions towards God, even if the manner kept by God towards individuals, nations, or to the whole of humanity, seems unjust to him, short of either becoming sacrilegious or proving to be incredulous."

And we need to remind ourselves, again, that Jesus Christ is Infinite Mercy, Saviour, and that a man has until his last breath to repent of his sins and seek forgiveness from Jesus.

The attached image, God_the_Father_speaks_to_Ravasio.jpg, is the human form - as God is Light - that God the Father took when He appeared and spoke to Italian Catholic nun, Mother Eugenia Elisabetta Ravasio, when He dictated to her, on 1 July 1932 and 12 August 1932, in Latin, His Message (in two parts): 'The Father speaks to His children.'

Very, very briefly, the Father wants to be "known, loved and honoured with a special devotion," in a number of ways as specifically outlined by Him, one way of which, He said, was to have one day of the year dedicated to honouring Him "in a special way under the title of Father of all Mankind," 'with a special Mass and Office.'

The Church hierarchy has, to date, ignored the Father's request.

Can all the things that the Church hierarchy ignores, ever be counted?? The way I see it, clearly, the hierarchy is simply walking in the same lethal footsteps as did its ancient predecessors: the scribes and pharisees, whom Jesus severely censured in no uncertain terms. Many of the scribes and pharisees are now in Hell.

And it annoys me to no end when an arrogant 'hierarchy' calls himself... "The Church." Jesus' true Church, though, comprises all those who are in a state of Grace, and not necessarily all those who are in the visible church of bricks and mortar.

If an hierarchy is in a state of Grace, then he's only one member of the real Church, not "The Church." And if he's not in a state of Grace, then he's outside of the real Church, no matter what exotic regalia he may cloak himself with.

There are two most important sentences in the Father's Message which illuminate our understanding of the Most Holy Trinity.

The Father says to us:
"He [Jesus Christ] was conceived by My Holy Spirit, Who I Myself am; in a word, I was always I."

"Loving you [men] as I loved My Son [Jesus Christ], Who am I Myself..."

Hence, simplifying, according to my understanding: the Father = the Son Jesus = the Holy Spirit: One God.

And Jesus reminds us, that: "God's mystery, God's reasons cannot be explained with a human method."

[The above quotes on God the Father, with permission.]

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