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06.09.2019 General News

National Youth Network Outraged Over NYA Scandal

National Youth Network Outraged Over NYA Scandal
LISTEN SEP 6, 2019

The National Network of Youth Groups in Ghana (NNYOG-GH) is following with keen interest in the current scandal and confusion at the National Youth Authority (NYA), leading to the dismissal of the CEO Mr. Emmanuel Asigri and his two deputies.

The information circulating on the media concerning the alleged scandal, is very disappointing. NNYOG-GH and the youth of Ghana, are highly outraged with this development.

We therefore call on the government to make a full probe into the alleged scandal at the Authority and make the findings public to the youth. We further call on the Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo led government not to treat this as a mere scandal but ensure that all persons found culpable are duly prosecuted. Funds meant for youth development are frequently misappropriated to the detriment of the youth and this must STOP.

NNYOG-GH is equally disappointed about the media reportage that, Mr Emmanuel was not qualified for the position as the CEO of the Authority. We therefore call on his Excellency the President to appoint a qualified and competent youth to occupy the position and offer competent and professional leadership to the youth of this country.

We entreat all state and non-state actors working in the area of youth development and relevant public interest entities, including multinational philanthropic organizations, CSOs/NGOs, youth groups, amongst others, to come on board to ensure that this alleged scandal at the National Youth Authority is duly investigated and funds allocated for youth development and the future of Ghana is strictly used for that purpose.

Williams Azabre Apuri

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