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05.09.2019 Feature Article

Younger Generation Ghanaians Must Take Their Destiny Into Their Own Hands Now

Younger Generation Ghanaians Must Take Their Destiny Into Their Own Hands Now
LISTEN SEP 5, 2019

As we speak, a sixteen year old Swedish teenager, is shaming world leaders into accepting that there is a need to act now, to counter climate change - and has attracted the support of millions in the developed world. Absolutely marvellous. Ghana's younger generations need to take note of what Greta Thunberg has achieved, thus far. Hmmmmm. Yooooo.

Our younger generations must realise that they need to take over the running of Ghana themselves - and create the kind of just and prosperous society they desire for themselves: so they don't have to travel elsewhere to make good in life, and risk being butchered, by mobs in the nations they travel to seek greener pastures.

Perhaps they can make a start by always putting the national interest (whatever promotes the welfare of ordinary people at any given point in time), ahead of blindly supporting political parties and politicians? That is what is destroying Ghanaian democracy.

Above all, they must not tolerate the selfishness, egregious-shortsightedness and insatiable greed of my generation (I am 66) - that is brutally gang-raping both Mother Ghana and Mother Nature: and destroying the well-being of present snd unborn generations, in the process.

The time has now come for younger generation Ghanaians to speak truth to power - and start calling a spade a spade. The musical star, A Plus, is a good example. He is calling those big people in Ghana doing foolish things, big fools. Excellent.

Block-headed fools must not be allowed to destroy the future of Ghana's younger generations, any longer. Younger generation Ghanaians must take their destiny into their hands now. Not tomorrow - when it will be way too late. Yooooo. Hmmmm. Oman Ghana - eyeasem o: asem kesie ebeba debi ankasa.

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