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04.09.2019 NDC News

The National Democratic Congress's Position On The Shipment Of 59 Ak-47 Assault Rifles From Accra To Walewale

By NDC Walewale Constituency
The National Democratic Congress's Position On The Shipment Of 59 Ak-47 Assault Rifles From Accra To Walewale
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The National Democratic Congress in the WalewaleConstituency of the North East Region has received with great shock and amusement, news reports via the traditional media as well as social media of the tracking and subsequent bust of three persons allegedly involved in the shipment of some 59 AK-47 assault rifles destined for no other place than the hometown of the Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia.

Whiles we view this development as a serious security threat not only to Walewale and its immediate environs but to the entire country, the NDC however wishes to commend the counterterrorism unit of the Ghana Police Service for their swift interception of those weapons and the quick arrest made in connection with this unusual act.

It is the expectation of the NDC that, the Police hierarchy within the North East region will deal with all culprits and miscreants who are either directly or remotely connected to this matter. We further hope that culprits would be processed for trial in the law court regardless of whose ox is gored.

It is important for the NDC to set the records straight that, even though this region has not been free from the normal arm conflicts resulting from land and chieftaincy disputes, same under this government especially, with Dr Mahamudu Bawumiaas the Vice President and Chairman of the Police Council has been scary and alarming.

Mr Vice President, the gods and ancestors of Mamprugu will not leave you if you sit with your hands in between your thighs and allow this peaceful kingdom to be thrown into serious chaos and major tribal conflicts.

The least you could do for the good people of Mamprugu as a Vice President, is to return the honor given you in 2016, when they were living in peace and harmony under the leadership of His Excellency JOHN DRAMANI MAHAMA, until you asked them to save you from political embarrassment, which they yielded to.

Mr Vice President, please be reminded that, the Ghana PoliceService Council of which you are a Chairman of, is mandated by law to ensure the maintenance of law and order in this country.

Can we conclude base on the many security lapses, thus police killings, kidnappings, current disturbances in Lukula and many other security shortfalls that, you are a complete failure under the circumstance? Going by the standards and benchmarks with which you and your npp party measured President Mahama and the previous NDC administration with, the answer to this question is an emphatic yes.

Whiles you ponder over this, the NDC further wishes to call on your office to launch a full-scale investigation into the matter to unravel the motives behind the importation of such sophisticated arms of mass destruction meant for Walewale. Is it true that some npp bigwigs knew about this shipment?

Whiles waiting for such an independent experts’ investigation into the circumstances surrounding the movement of these weapons, the NDC will not hesitate to linking this act to a preparation by you the Vice President and your hoodlums seeking to retain power at the peril of innocent lives given your apparent show of disinterest in the matter since the news broke.

The NDC in Walewale Constituency is however at a lost that, in an era where the Vice President's integrity and credibility has sharply waned off and he has suddenly become a subject of public ridicule of late, one would have thought that some efforts are being put to salvage his remaining reputation. But NO. His default natural inclination to pettiness and self-disgrace is not permitting him to act right at all material times when the need arises.

The NDC wants to use this opportunity to admonish the people of Walewale and its evirons to remain calm but very vigilant in this state of heightened insecurity in the country.

The NDC further wish to call on the Chiefs, Imams, the clergy and Opinion Leaders within the Walewale Municipality and its environs to demand answers in a unique voice from the Vice President, regarding this matter.

We equally want to call on allies and assigns of the Vice President to remind him that, the NDC is ever ready for him ahead of the 2020 election, we will use all legitimate means available to our disposal to ensure he together with his party are rejected come 2020.

The journey to the seat of government has just started, and no amount of political intimidation and harassment can stop us from reaching our destination, thus victory for NDC in 2020 in sha Allah.

The NDC in the Walewale constituency is poised for two things. The first is to uproot Dr Sagre from parliament and the second is to support the national agenda of making John Mahama the next President of this great country once again in January 2021.

We are on course and we shall deliver God’s willing.


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