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Never Underestimate Modern Technology

Never Underestimate Modern Technology
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In the millenary history of man, there have been successions of changes that have led to technological evolutions, revolutionizing society from era to era. Most of these have led to a progression of humanity, while others have had negative repercussions.

Since nowadays we are still immersed in this digital revolution, it remains complicated to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages, only with time will we be able to express a more valid and clearer judgment regarding the repercussions on today's society.

With the internet, today information is always at hand, so we are unlimitedly connected to the world, thanks to social networks, web pages of newspapers and other sites on the net.

By now we have easy access to a lot of information, videos, music, recipes, games and other functions, just with a click, through search engines, such as Google, Bing, Firefox, etc.

However, despite the technological advantage, many people use it for bad purposes. Internet frauds and malpractices have sharply increased.

Whereby those who rely on the advantages of modern technology to commit crimes, and do immoral things, they forget that the same technology can lead to their arrest or expose them.

Now it's very easy to identify comments with fake names on social media, through Internet Protocol address (IP address) and other tools. One can easily find out where, when, and if the name the person used is genuine or fake.

We should use technology in a responsible way because the internet is not the problem but those with the intention to hurt and defraud others are the problem.

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