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03.09.2019 Poem

Yes They Can

By Redeemer Kwasi
Yes They Can
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What can they do?
I heard someone asked;
Or was it a mirage to my ears
I think I heard someone asked the question
What can they do?
But I ask who are the they he is referring to?
Then I heard him say it's the soft genders
Did I hear you say women?
Did you just say yes to that?
If yes then let me also let you know yes they can.
Yes they can,
Yes they can do greater things
Let me remind you that feminism does not mean inability

For even the greatest man in the world was brought forth by a woman

Yes they can
We can talk of the likes of Yaa Asantewaa whose bravery have a place in the history of the Ashanti's,

Her Excellency Ellen Johnson former President of Liberia and the many more that we cannot count.

Have they not played significant roles in the development of their respective societies?

Yes they have.
Yes they can if given equal opportunities as given to men

don't we have women who have given equal opportunities to sit in the classroom with their men counterparts and are performing better than some of them

Don't we have women in leadership positions working far better than their men counterparts

Yes they can if we give them equal opportunity as their men counterpart

The time is far gone when we used to believe somethings are for only men

The time have come for equal opportunities to be given to both men and women

For 'yes they can.

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