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02.09.2019 Public Messages

A Goodwill Message: Mfantseman To Mr. James Essoun

By Eric Stanley Acquah(K.K)
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Sweet, they say are the uses of adversities.In the past few months,the only good PARTY in Ghana, the great NDC, gave a leeway for interested individuals to contest for the parliamentary primaries.

In our case, we were fortunate to have had a strong trio show up, Messrs: James Odziifo Essoun, Richmond Atta Williams and Charles Fiifi Buadu.

Ours received mixed reactions, and interrupted feelings but later, 31st August, 2019, yesterday of course was set for the election to come on.

After the count of the last ballot, dramatically the result followed according to their position on the ballot.

(1) Mr.James Essoun garning a whooping - 839
(2) Mr.Richmond Atta Williams securing - 478
(3) Mr.Charles Fiifi Buadu
managing -148 of the votes cast.
We thank all the aspirants for the milestone and devasting storms they have weathered successfully with the protection, care and help of God whom we all leave to.

To Mr. James Odziifo Essoun, we gladly congratulate you on winning this all important election to become our candidate for election 2020 which is the most pressing need on Our preference list as a Political Party,Our goodman and visionary leader His Excellency John Dramani Mahama, yourself, the Executive body,and the entire NDC fans across the board.

The constituency Chairman,Mr.Frederick Budu Hagan, and team welcome you into the excutive setup, and pray on you to bring on board brainy ideas, plausible strategies, and workable plans to boot out the Stop Work Government of Prez. Nana Addo and Hon Ekow Kwansah Hayford, Osono MP

Let us correct that which went wrong in 2016, and embrace all ideas except evil ploys that would not help us achieve our greater aim of winning election 2020.

At this point in time, unity is key to our electoral fortunes, hence the need to bring everyone on board, especially your contenders.

To Messrs Richmond Atta Williams, and Fiifi Buadu, you put up a strong challenge or I should rather say fight,but unfortunately you couldn't succeed.

We still congratulate you and tap your shoulders for your courage to give it a try better luck next time.

Going into the election 2020, the Constituency Chairman and team would apply every stringent measures that belong to politics,because displine is key to our success.

We thank the Executives, Coordinators,and the Party Owners,' Branch Executives for reposing confidence in Mr. James Odziifo Essoun this is clearly a payback for dedication, commitment and loyalty.

We, however, express our surest sincere to all the stakeholders for your deep show of love et cetera et cetera.

All your lost energies and everything would never go waste, but would be rewarded accordingly in God's appointed time.

Let's remove from our body politic undue display of power play, arrogance, quarrel, mischief, indiscipline, etc which would do nothing except dispelling floating voters.

There is a senior among equals, so play your cards well.

We lastly, admonish everyone to speak or write words that would rather calm down nerves, and unite us.

Today's political recourse to social media is somehow denying us from the actual work on the ground-jokingly, the work dey the ground...

Life would make no meaning without interdependence, we need each other, and sooner we do that the better.

May God bless you and me.
I'm still learning to walk on the shoulders of the giants.

Eric Stanley Acquah(K.K)
Com. Officer, Mfantseman.

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