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02.09.2019 Feature Article

Trainee/Student Nurses Sorrowfully Pleading with Former PresidentMahama to Come Back as President of Ghana in 2020

Trainee/Student Nurses Sorrowfully Pleading with Former PresidentMahama to Come Back as President of Ghana in 2020

There is no wonder that our White contemporaries have less regard for the African, if not for the entire black race. They have every reason to treat us with contempt if trainee nurses who suffered disrespect, and with their nursing trainee allowances cancelled under the administration of former President John Dramani Mahama would so soon be prostrating to him amid wails and chanting, pleading for his comeback.

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Former President Mahama, before God and man, could be said to be the most personally corrupt president ever had in the annals of Ghana's politics. In a heavenly court with God as judge, Jesus as lawyer, the Holy Ghost as prosecutor, angels as witnesses and former President Mahama as the culprit with NDC faithful as his family members, cronies and supporters, I can easily level a criminal charge of corruption against him; and he will be found guilty within minutes of the case opening for a hearing.

However, this markedly corrupt, incompetent, clueless and disrespectfully "me ntie obiaa" individual, is the one being begged profusely by completely ignorant, less sophisticated, or seemingly midget-minded bunch of trainee nurses to come back to complete his uncompleted business of depleting the national coffers clean.

From some publications, the trainee nurses participating in the demonstration in support of former President Mahama's comeback in 2020, were induced with gifts. If it were so, I would be greatly saddened. How could they allow the wants of their stomach to compel them to behave as though they are without brains to think? If they were indeed pushed by the offer of gifts to behave so irresponsibly, then I am sorry to repeat that there is no wonder some White people do respect their pet dogs more than they do respect the African in general and the Ghanaian in particular. A trained dog understands when it is being maltreated or better still, when it is being underestimated by whomever. If a dog or a chimpanzee can sense this and behave differently, why can't human beings, thus, Ghanaians?

Are the participant trainee nurses from the Nalerigu Nursing Training College able to tell the whole world that the one-off gift, given to each of them, is comparatively better than the monthly trainee nursing allowance they are drawing as reinstated by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government under the presidency of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo? If it is not, then I am sorry to say that they could not allow themselves to be guided by their common sense but dictated to by the pangs of their stomach, utter stupidity and sheer nepotism, if not tribalism.

The reinstated nursing trainee allowance has helped some people to continue to go to, or stay in, the nursing college, to acquire not only intelligence but also, a professional career. Is this not better than whatever substandard gift so given to those foolishly declaring that they were sorry to have voted out Mahama in the 2016 elections? How can people not reason as human beings but allow themselves to be influenced by one-off low cost gifts while those influencing them are living in affluence, often plundering the State coffers?

Former President Mahama's younger half-sibling took loans of US$58 million or GHS58 million from the Merchant Bank and GHS302 million from UT Bank. Nonetheless, he refused to pay back the loans to the banks. His deplorable, crafty and methodical stealing behaviour had partly led to both banks going into distress, insolvency, receivership, bankruptcy and consolidation or whatever. He has been made richer while Ghanaians have been made poorer by his actions. Somewhere along the line, his chances of inflicting such daylight thieveries on the banks could have been facilitated by the position or influence of his elder brother, former President Mahama.

Did former President Mahama not sign out 58% of the Atiwa Forest bauxite deposit to his younger brother's company when he, the president, had lost his presidency in election 2016 and had barely a month to exit his office? Why should a sole person, by virtue of his relationship as the President's brother, be dubiously awarded such a vast contract to the detriment of the welfare of Ghanaians?

This is the character of a person who has done much evil to the country and the people that the naive bunch of trainee nurses are publicly disgracefully pleading with him to come back.

I would not bother much if the Ghanaian attitudes back home in Ghana do not directly affect or impact those Ghanaians living abroad. When Africans or Ghanaians back home behaviour less intelligently in the eyes of the Whites, some of them do generalise that as the blacks in Africa are, so is every black person anywhere in the world. Subsequently, I should not hesitate to take these foolishly wailing trainee nurses to the cleaners.

Yes, they can feel disappointed in the NPP government under His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for a lot of reasons but to go back to a known gargantuan corrupt individual who has brought Ghana to her knees, begging him to come back to steal again is absolutely a nonstarter.

Rockson Adofo
Sunday, 1st September 2019

Rockson Adofo
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