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The Underground Man - Part 64

The Underground Man - Part 64
LISTEN AUG 31, 2019

While walking back to the room The Underground Man called his living room, he complained: "As long as people clinck to their life too much, they will never be free but always live under oppression of others!"

Anna was wondering what he wanted to tell her: "I do not quiet get you! I mean we are born as humans to live...and therefore have a responsibility to ensure that we live for as long as possible...and this as good as possible...isn`t it so?"

"Humans got life to live it as mandated, that is true", stopped The Underground Man from walking looking Anna deep into her eyes as if he wanted to reach down to her heart. "The end of our lives is death...death of all of us...simple as that...right?"

"Right!" "On the way to death we go through many phases of our life, bad and good times. Along the way we come across oppression in various forms, with different intentions and strength. Be it our teachers downgrading us with words, our bosses thinking nothing good about us, our neighbors fooling us or we taken hostage for a ransoms or our government, that is the group of people we call our fellow citizen force us into violence like a war or when taken prisoners of war instead of escaping from our oppressors risking our lives we sit in the corners of prisons waiting to be set free by our own people. Fear to lose our life or not a comfortable life is what keeps us back, hold us under others that have their own agenda. Yes, as we have welcomed the gift of life and must do anything in our power to preserve it and keep it in good condition, the same we have the mandate to use our free will, our own mind, to be free people that over time live the life of a free person by its own free will. What sense does it make to create humans with a free will when it can be blocked and redirected by others based on their free will?" The Underground Man turned around a corner pointing to Anna to make her see some men that seemed to have a rich history behind them: "Look here, sees people that are separated from the rest. Look closer, there the skeletons of Musa, the richest man in history based in today´s Mali, a very black man, richer than three or four of the richest people you know of these days, and over their father Bardi, once so powerful in Florence with his family even giving money to King Edward III of England, people that have invented the banking system that still exists, or over there the bones of Alexander The Great and Napoleon Bonaparte...once so powerful people that generations were unable to think outside the box but thought what these people had given them as rules to life, would be their true life. Money rules the world, they say, and politics make money powerful all over...but I am telling you, ideas, what people have in their mind and stand for is lasting and above money and politics. Money and politics can create chaos or a paradise...but ideas when through well, clear and intense, focused on the future to is a small boy compared to it and it bows to ideas like politics does."

"Why are you saying this?" "I mention it to make you understand what people needs is to be themselves so that to be can be become over time to make the be everlasting and an impact into humanity and the entire world!" answered The Underground Man.

"Not everyone will understand what you are saying!" pointed Anna onto the skeletons once rich and famous, now bones like any other.

"To make it simple for others; they should not live in fear or under the words of anyone else, but live their lives as life was given to them. Their free will and intelligent should be enough and helpful to find a way part from child education and society rules to set their own standards and lead the way. You all have not come to earth to follow other people´s footsteps, rather to walk your own ways. For that it is required to have a strong and sound mind, take responsibility for once self’s decision, to have discipline, to walk alone when needed, to partner with people for a course but being ready to depart from them again in due course when needed. Life is not for amateurs like we see so many off, but only for professionals!"

"I find, one of our greatest problems as humans is that we want to be loved. I mean this programmed is so deep rooted in us that it is hard to overcome. We want to beloved by so many people, even by people that are not good for us. A truly independent person is that one that has overcome this desire, the need for being loved by fellow humans and have a free mind, making independent decision only based on who someone is", mentioned Anna before their got back to the room in which she had found The Underground Man in the first place. "We want to see people happy to the extent that we see our own interests dead in the corner of our life...crazy that is but many people cannot walk differently in space and time."

The Underground Man stood back in the corner that he called home agreeing: "That is true...wisely spoken, young lady. The need for love is in us as vulnerable little kids that need protection and feeding, love and care to be raised up. This is always in us, not like an octopus born by a mother that dies after delivery, never to be taught how things should work in this world always at the same level of intelligence even with the potential to learn and move ahead in what to know. Love can keep us so much in bondage, while challenges in life push us forward once we accept them as our way to move time and grab our destiny. To be among people and search for love is an easy job, to stand all alone and move ahead is far more complicated and emotional dangerous...but we have to be willing to pay a price to be glorified."

Ana wanted to challenge The Underground Man stat stood ready to disappear again in the darkness of his room shutting off the light surrounding him: "You mean, we have to pray for a new set of humans...a complete overhaul would not do, right?"

The Underground Man laughed and smiled while his light got dimmed second by second: "The world ahs to live with the human it’s got...sad, wrong or right, does not matter. As longs as God has created them and the rest around them, only he knows best why he did what he did. All we can do, and have done generations, to do our very utmost best to be better people, see the evilness and failure in us and overcome the challenges that come with it. We must find a new concept of humanity that takes generations into a better future and forget our little tiny corners that potentially can make us feel better at the expense of others and the spinning round and round of the world. We must constantly stand on our feet, before we start walking and talking, use our brains and think...only after that we use the gift to mankind of thinking and reflecting on what we do and who we really are...we should talk while walking...always ready to stand still again, look inside ourselves, listen to the noise and questions inside us asking for answers to make the right things only come to see the light of history. In our crucial times that the world is shifting, the balance between the Black Man and the White Man by the overpopulation of Africa sets another agenda we must address in the proper was to bring justice. I know the White Man does not want to be ruled by the Black Man...but what history decides is not for the human to dispute. What needs to be done is a situation unfolding to manage wisely as what is supposed to happen, will eventually happen whatever someone might think or do...even killing people of intellectual power does not stop history, it only delays it. If only people in power preserving their own selfish interest in all political jurisdictions and ideas would understand this simply fact. I am telling you, the world and mankind would not lose time and resources as they did so much in the past. Mankind, if things would have been managed properly, would stand today tall and proud before God...why most certainly he still sees humans as weak characters that run and run around naked in their mind...not have learnt much over centuries past. On that note I tell you, let them do their own things and lets all hope and pray for the after all, God has his agenda and we should leave all in his hands."

"Amen!" The Underground Man was no more to be seen.

Karl-Heinz Heerde
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