31.08.2019 Feature Article

The killing of the kasoa police officers: a necessary evil

The killing of the kasoa police officers: a necessary evil
31.08.2019 LISTEN

With all due respect to the two fallen heroes of the Ghana police officers at kasoa, and their families I wish to emphatically say that they have sacrificed their souls for the betterment of kasoa and its environs and may their good souls rest in perfect peace. I also want to extend my heartfelt condolences to their respective families for the loss of their love ones. May God comfort them in their times of deep anguish and sorrow. Amen!

Now, why do I think that their death, though very evil indeed in all aspects of the way and manner they occurred, yet, are very necessary for the people of kasoa? Over the years, so many people have been killed in kasoa by criminal gangs with impunity, many women have been raped at knifepoint or gunpoint in kasoa and its neighborhoods but nobody and I mean nobody has listened to their cries of the victims, armed robbers have terrorized the residents of kasoa and the victims had been left to their own fates. It looked like kasoa had unofficially been declared a criminal enclave that had been left to rot on its own. It doesn’t look like anybody cared about what went on in kasoa. The people there seemed to have been left to their own fates. Land guards and other criminal elements controlled kasoa and drug sales and consumption were done in the open for which the police knew about but care less. I have heard on countless occasions that the people living there have cried unto the authorities on radio and televisions to send joint police/military task force to patrol the area to protect them but all fell on deaf ears.

Now that the chicken have come home to roost, now that the police have sacrificed two of their own, I believe that bothers the government and the police will begin to understand and appreciate what the residents go through on daily basis and will sit up and clean the area of all miscreants so that the people can sleep when they go to beds. There is a popular saying that goes like this: when the communists came for the gays, I didn’t protest because I was not a gay, when they came for the Jews, I didn’t protest either because I was not a Jew, now when they came for me, there was no one left to protest.

i am deeply saddened by the lost of those innocent police officers who are martyrs in every sense but remember that in the biblical times, all the nine earlier plagues that God visited on the Egytians through his servant Moses didn’t shake the Pharaoh of the time, it took the tenth plague which was the first born of every household including the first born of Pharaoh himself that shook him into submission. By the same token, I believe all the deaths and rapes and beatings and torture that went on in kasoa on daily bases didn’t seem to awake the cops to act, but the sacrifice of their two sons should ginger them up to bring sanity to kasoa for the good people there to enjoy peace once and for all. The tree of freedom, they say is watered with the blood of martyrs. Once again may the souls of the two heroes Rest In Peace. And I pray that their painful deaths would not be in vain but bring in the necessary reforms to clean kasoa and other criminal enclaves scattered around Accra. God bless our homeland Ghana.

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