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30.08.2019 Feature Article

Remove Threats To Ghanaians' Quality Of Life - Which Have National Security Implications

Remove Threats To Ghanaians' Quality Of Life  - Which Have National Security  Implications
LISTEN AUG 30, 2019

The two biggest threats to our homeland Ghana's future, are the negative impact on our national economy, of climate change, and, as we increasingly digitise our system, cyber threats. It is vital that planning to protect Ghanaians and their nation, from both threats, is prioritised by our leaders.

In tackling cyber threats, which could literally bring our system to its knees, Ghana must collaborate with leading bug-bounty companies, such as HackerOne. Hopefully, our forever-prattling Vice-President, Dr. Mahammadu Bawumia, will take note of that - and ensure that our national security apparatus takes their expertise on board, in Ghana's cyber threat scenario-planning.

The biggest climate-change threat to Ghana, is undoubtedly the catastrophic outcome, which will follow the destruction of the Atewa Forest Reserve, as sure as day follows night. It will negatively impact the quality of life of millions of Ghanaians, whose treated drinking water supply is sourced from the three river systems - the Densu, Ayensu and Birim - which take their headwaters from the Atewa Forest Reserve.

That is why the idiotic plan to mine the rather poor-quality bauxite deposits in the Atewa Forest Reserve must be dropped immediately. As a wise people, we must rather plan for an integrated West African aluminium industry, which sources its bauxite from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, for processing and smeltering by VALCO.

No politician was elected to ruin the quality of life of the millions whose living standards will plummet suddenly, when the Atewa Forest Reserve is destroyed by miners. Indeed, as a national security measure, all mining must cease in the Atewa Forest Reserve forthwith. Haaba. In an increasingly dangerous world we must remove the treats to our quality of life that also have national security implications.

Kofi Thompson
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