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17.02.2006 General News

SSS Girls Sacked For Engaging In Gang Sex

By Public Agenda

They Used Stimulants To Enable Them Withstand Their Sex Partners On Saturday February 4, 2006, ten girls of Mpraeso Secondary School (MPASS) were caught in a gang sex at a hotel and consequently dismissed by the school authorities.

The students were caught by the school authorities at the Moonlight Hotel at Bepong, a suburb of Mpraeso acting upon a tip off. They were alleged to be having sex with five Nigerians suspected to be drug dealers in the same hotel room.

Two girls shared one man during the sex spree.

Information gathered by Public Agenda revealed that the girls checked in at the hotel with the connivance of two pimps (who themselves are students). While in their rooms, the girls were shared among the five Nigerian men, meaning the one man for two girls.

According to our sources, it was free for all, as each man had sex with two at a go. As the girls were going through the ordeal, or is it enjoyment, the hotel attendants realised deep into the night that it was quite unusual for school girls to stay in a hotel with guests for ungodly hours, so they phoned the school authorities. Hotel sources told Public Agenda, “We could not withstand the practice of two ladies sharing one man. These men could be using aphrodisiacs since such situations are unusual. We therefore informed the school authorities.”

The source explained that minutes after the call, the Senior House Master in the company of some male students arrived in the hotel room, only to find some of the girls lying naked on the bed apparently waiting for the next round, while others were dressing up. Public Agenda was told that two female students, Miss Selina Nyarko and Abigail Nartey invited the Nigerian men from Accra and with the collusion of two male students, Master Stephen Sasu Gyan and Patrick Ntiamoah, succeeded in luring eight other female students to spend the night with the men at the said hotel.

The eight, namely Miss Pricilla Boadi, Mercy Addo, Josephine Amoako and Linda Tetteh, were reported to have dressed in hot mini skirts and sleeveless blouses, while the rest, Esther Boakyewaa, Eunice Megbenyor, Bernice Morrison and Eunice Sarpomah disguised themselves in men's clothes in order to avoid identification by the hotel authorities.

The two male students' accomplices acted as guards at the entrance of the hotel during the act to avoid any apprehension by the school authorities. Each of the girls received ¢150,000 for their endurance and sex skills. This meant that each man paid ¢300,000 for the services of two. The Senior House Master of the school, Mr. Patrick K. Mensah confirmed the incident when he was contacted. He explained that the students in question sneaked during an inter-houses quiz competition. “We only received a phone call the next day informing us of the disgraceful act.”

It was also found that the girls used stimulants to enable them withstand their sex partners. One theory suggests that they could be acting for a pornographic movie. Sensing danger, the five men vanished after getting wind that the school's authorities and students were angrily matching to the hotel. Hotel sources said the case has been reported to the police.

Imagine that these men have HIV/AIDS, what will be the fate of these girls? Gang sex is widely practiced in many Senior Secondary Schools across the country. In fact it is a major source of income for female students who offer themselves to sugar daddies and sex tourists for any amount. The SSS girls are said to possess amazing sex skills that some men are rushing to the schools for their share. Little wonder married women keep a close eye on their husbands anytime SSS girls return from school.