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29.08.2019 NDC News

NDC: The Students Wing (TEIN) Must Be Recognized In Campaign Activities To Win Elections In 2020 - TEIN ORGANIZER, UEW

By Ibn Wahid Musah
Sula ProsperSula Prosper
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TEIN Organizer For the University Of Education Winneba Chapter, MR. Sula Prosper is urging the NDC to include or assign the student wings (TEIN) in its campaign activities towards 2020 elections.

"As a social Democratic party which believe in the centre left as the party political position, must recognize the students wing TEIN at all party activities across the corners of the country.

I suggest as the (TEIN) organizer of the university of education, Winneba chapter, for much involvement of the youth wing (TEIN) in the main stream politics, which will boost and ginger the youth towards the winning of power 2020.

Am proposing to the national organizer of the NDC, Hon. Joshua Hamid Akamba to put up all effort and create a rapport between TEIN and the mainstream politics. Especially, exhibiting of franchise at the National, Regional and Constituency level.

We as TEIN executives as well as the youth wing of the party can't even recognize our core functions and recognition as executives within the NDC party in Ghana. We need a positive change within the youth wing now."

Long live our country Ghana
Long live NDC
Long live TEIN