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28.08.2019 Feature Article

Words Of Inspiration From Kanya Sesser, The Legless Top Model

Kanya Sasser has no limits
LISTEN AUG 28, 2019

Kanya Sesser has no limits
A slice of the population that lives on the margins of society, amid daily problems, poverty and anxiety, without any hope about tomorrow, often abandoned their children.

However, not all children are abandoned because of poverty. Faced with the pressure of taking care of children born with deformities or disabilities, some mothers abandoned the children.

Kanya Sesser, the twenty-three legless top model who managed to earn millions despite her handicap, was only a week old when she was abandoned on the steps of a Buddhist temple.

The monks took care of the little girl until she was five and was adopted by a childless loving American couple from Portland, who raised her like their own child.

Today Kanya is a self-sufficient, strong, successful, confident and very beautiful young woman. She has been modeling since the age of 15 when she accidentally discovered it during skateboarding races.

"I never wanted to be a model, I have other goals but I like that opportunity! I make $ 1,000 a day and live a dream life."

"I want to show the world that beauty is not just about perfection. I feel sexy in the body that I have."

Kanya loves practicing numerous sports, of which skate is her favorite but she likes to challenge limits and barriers.

She is currently without a friend, but certainly not for long, because many men are interested in this long-haired beauty.

Kanya doesn’t depend much on her wheelchair. Apart from skating, she likes skiing and surfing. Some time ago, she also participated in the Winter Paralympics’ Games in South Korea and won some medals.

"I made a disability my strong point, I don't need legs to feel sexy. "I like to show people my unconventional beauty," said the young Kanya.

"I intend to write a book, said Kanya, to show that if you do something with hard work, time, effort and patience, with so much confidence in yourself, this will help you not only to achieve your goals but also to be a source of inspiration and motivation for others, showing that anyone can do it. "

“Do not pay attention to the comments and humiliations addressed to you because everyone makes decisions for himself. Challenge yourself to see what you are capable of, and never give up, ”says Kanya Sesser.

Joel Savage
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