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28.08.2019 Feature Article

Broken Heart, Not Broken Down

Wake Up
Broken Heart, Not Broken Down
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In the realm of fantasy

Where much is expected from fallible people

Which turns out to be nothing but disappointment upon disappointment;

In the ideal side of life

Where disappointment is written off the dictionary

And promises are taken as law

As though everyone you give love automatically gives you back love;

In our wildest dreams

Where we think those we can't live without

Can't live without us;

Our minds are easily swayed off reality

By personal sentiments and interpersonal relationships

Until reality knocks on our door

And break us down like the Titanic ship

With our hearts, broken in to pieces

That we can't glue it's pieces to form a whole

So painful that we might fail to realise the essence of life

And buy the ideology of second chance to love.

We owe our humble souls a duty

To install our broken hearts back

Stitch it with hope

Design it with perseverance

And finish it with faith and determination

Life is wonderful,

Life is amazing,

Life is beautiful but for those who are ready make a meaning out of all it's experiences

Wake up and be real

They have a million times proven with their actions how irrelevant you've been to their lives but you still trust their words.

Wise up dear

You worth more than your are offering yourself for

You are more valuable to impose yourself on people who do not worth your friendship

You are so precious to be trashed on

You are so unique to be treated as an option

And you are so strong to get hurt by their absence.

They are emotionally done with you,

You are mentally drained and may be spiritually dead but trust me, you have absolute control over your physical life so always register smiles on that beautiful face of yours.

Never for once think of giving them a taste of their own bitter medicine, for maturity is when you are able enough to revenge but entrust your case in life's hand to take care of it for you.

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