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27.08.2019 Agriculture

Rethinking Your Purpose Toward Farming-African Youth

By Paul Atsu
Rethinking Your Purpose Toward Farming-African Youth
LISTEN AUG 27, 2019

As food security and community development programming increasingly emphasize sustainability, the relational nature of agribusiness incubation reaching farmers in the exchange of knowledge, technology, and information has proven to be a viable and established method for reaching disadvantaged rural farmers. Footprints Bridge International and Incubation for Africa (IFA) through agribusiness training have successfully established Legend Farm resulting in increased trust, and collaboration among young farmers. By improving agribusiness knowledge and integrating youth and women into harnessing animal resources, while driving overall improvements in rural livelihoods in achieving the SDGS 1 &2 Zero hunger and end poverty.

Legend Farm is an integrated farm situated at Gomoa Ojobi in the Central Region and engaged in poultry, fishing, cassava, and pineapple production with the aim of supporting rural youth and women farmers to break the cycle of poverty whiles making profit through the production and supply of high-quality poultry and fish products.

Legend Farm strongly emphasizes participatory principles and agripreneurship as a means of increasing productivity amongst young farmers. Some of the strategies adopted are utilizing field level work as a means of optimizing the number of youth engaged in face-to-face learning, weekly workshops that serves to provide space for youth and women to reflect on the animal value chain, discussing methods for improving delivery of services, and learning a new component of agribusiness and agripreneurshipwith the intent of transferring this information to youth and women in the animal value chain in Ghana

Our integrated farm is not just focused on making profit, but also supports rural youth and women in agribusiness incubation training, social development and best practices required to be successful in agripreneurship, poultry, fish farming and other value chains in the animal resources sector.

Legend Farm’s mission is to produce and deliver high-quality poultry and fish products at competitive prices through our social enterprise model. Our commitment to quality service is absolute and we work efficiently to ensure that LEGEND Farm becomes the premier name in the provision of poultry and fish products and services throughout Ghana. Legend Farm works with rural youth and women to produce nutritious eggs using various organic methods.

LEGEND Farm’s vision is “Creating Opportunities, Building Dreams”. And our mission is “to produce and deliver high-quality poultry and fish products at competitive prices through our social enterprise model “concept that focuses on

  1. Providing support services to local farmers particularly youth and women.
  2. Producing eggs of a high nutritional value and longer shelf life.
  3. Producing diversified supply of fish products.

Our main objectives are to: provide healthy and delicious tasty fish and eggs whiles simultaneously improving the livelihoods of rural youth and women.