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27.08.2019 Feature Article

Humankind Must Protect The World's Remaining Forests…For Our Well-Being Depends On Them

Humankind Must Protect The World's Remaining Forests…For Our Well-Being Depends On Them
LISTEN AUG 27, 2019

Climate change poses a real threat to Ghana - as it does to all the nations of the world. Our current leaders need to recognise that reality. Unquestionably. As the earth continues to warm up, the well-being of humankind will come to depend more and more, on the survival of the world's remaining forests.

One hopes therefore that as a result of the terrible disaster in the Amazon, ordinary people around the world will come to understand, why we must elect only politicians who are genuinely committed to protecting what is left of humankind's natural heritage.

It is vital that we take the task of protecting the planet Earth's remaining forests, far more seriously, than has hitherto been the case. Alas, in terms of geological time, it is humankind and other life-forms that face extinction - if we allow our biosphere to become uninhabitable. We must therefore not allow that to happen. Ever.

Barring an encounter with a massive object from the universe, the planet Earth will eventually recover, from the egregious harm being inflicted on it by our greed - within the next coming few million years: long after the extinction of the human race.

We are all at risk - and we are in this ghastly situation together: for global warming is a borderless phenomenon that knows no national territorial boundaries. Humankind must protect the world's remaining forests - for our present and future well-being depends on them. Yoooo. Hmmm. Nipa dasani. Yen enti asem kesie ebeba debi ankasa.

Kofi Thompson
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