NDC Holland Congratulates New And Re-Elected Parliamentary Candidates Of NDC

NDC Holland Congratulates New And Re-Elected Parliamentary Candidates Of NDC
26.08.2019 LISTEN

On behalf of the NDC Holland Chapter, we would like to congratulate our parliamentary candidates across Ghana for being successfully elected by their constituency delegates to contest the December 2020 general election. You must be highly content with the results as you have undoubtedly worked very hard to achieve this victory. Your commitment and dedication have helped you attain this post. You will be able to put many things on track for the smooth entry to the Parliament House, now that all doors are open to you which have long been haywire.

Your victory confirms the strong support you enjoy among the populace of your constituencies, and also vote of confidence showing that your people fully endorse your credibility and integrity not only to win a parliamentary seat but also to win presidential votes on 07 December 2020. We wish you success in pursuing this path by promoting the NDC at every corner you may go. Our party is a stable and functioning party abide by the rule of law, fighting against corruption and for the furtherance of positive economic developments.

We are confident that you will continue to stress your hands to bring onboard your other contestants, who lost their bid, to promote cooperation and reconciliation in the constituencies, essential for stability, peace, and prosperity. We are convinced that you will defend or win against any parliamentary candidate NPP put forward. Your determination to wrestle power from NPP will help us kick out the inept, super-incompetent, scandalous, nepotistic family and friends government from the Jubilee House.

We also wish to take this opportunity to congratulate the National Executives that held successful free and fair elections in 157 constituencies. A free and fair election is a fundamental feature of democracy and they have demonstrated to be capable leaders. We are confident that their influence will continue to encourage our productive tradition of involvement in worthwhile political causes. Our thanks also go to the delegates who exercised their voting rights to elect candidates of their choice. And we also like to than the Electoral Commission for their supervision.

To that end, we must hasten to add that election should not be seen as an end in themselves, but as part of a wider process of institutional building and strengthening that promotes effective political inclusion, good governance, and respect for human rights.

We in Diasporas pledge our further support in any form we can, to help remove Nana Akufo-Addo NPP led government from office in 2020. We looking forward to productive cooperation.

God bless National Democratic Congress

God bless Ghana.

Eye Zu, Eye Za.


Lewis Kwame Addo

Communication Office

NDC Holland Chapter