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25.08.2019 Press Statement

Let's Close Ranks For NDC's Victory In 2020

By Ransford Chatman Vanni-Amoah
Let's Close Ranks For NDC's Victory In 2020
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I wish to use this opportunity to congratulate Hon. Kweku Ricketts-Hagan, the Member of Parliament for Cape Coast South Constituency for emerging as our party's Parliamentary Candidate to lead us into resounding victory in the 2020 general elections.

I also wish to congratulate my co-aspirants, Mr. Thomas Hughes Amissah (Skillful) and Mrs. Ernestina Enos Edu (Nasika) for such a good contest. That was an internal contest and it has deepened democracy in our beloved party. We are not diametrically opposed to one another. The contest was a strong signal to our political opponents that NDC is very attractive and we are poised to wrest power from the super-incompetent NPP Government in 2020.

I believe in the principle of disagree to agree. I accept and respect the decision of the beloved delegates of our great party in the Cape Coast South Constituency. It is important for all party faithfuls to support the party and its candidate towards victory in the 2020 general elections.

"It is said that a house divided against itself cannot stand". On this premise, I wish to state that I support the decision by the party delegates since it has become clear that our main opponent, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is doing everything possible to infiltrate our camp in order to create division in our party which to them is a weapon to be used to win Cape Coast South seat from the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

I want to assure the party of my decision and readiness to work hand in hand with Hon. Kweku Ricketts-Hagan and the leadership of the constituency towards victory 2020. I urge all members to put aside your differences and work as a party because we cannot disappoint the suffering masses who are hoping to be rescued by the NDC and John Dramani Mahama.

I want to emphasise here that as we are very committed party faithfuls and activists who believe in the principles and ideals on which the NDC was founded, we should not be part of anything to bring it down.

It is also worthy of note that our position to defend and protect the legacy of the NDC and John Mahama is still very paramount.

Let us put the past behind us so that we can all be integral part of the forward march of a united NDC to victory in the 2020 general elections and also make Cape Coast South Constituency, a stronghold of our party.

In the light of these, I call on all who love this party to rally their support behind H. E. John Dramani Mahama and Hon. Kweku Ricketts-Hagan to ensure increased tempo and continuity in prosecuting the agenda to wrest power from the supper incompetent and corrupt Akufo Addo government.

I am very confident that joy and love will resound in our hearts once again as the NDC family shall hold hands in unity with Kweku Ricketts-Hagan, Thomas Hughes Amissah (Skillful), Henry Osei (Shoe), Ernestina Enos Edu (Nasika), Constituency Executives, and all who matter in the Cape Coast South NDC to sing the song

"from victory unto victory

the NDC shall lead a stable democratic Ghana

our strength in Unity".

At least, we owe it a duty to make our forebearers and those who laid down strong foundation for our party in this constituency to be proud of us as a united party.

I do not know of any member of our party who is not interested in unity of the NDC hence we must proclaim it; NDC is one and united. No self-interest group or factional interest has a place in today’s NDC family.

Memories of love and the true team spirit of oneness will remind us of our motto which is Unity, Stability and Development!

Long Live NDC

Long Live Cape Coast South

Long Live GHANA.

Thank you.


Cde. Henry Osei (Shoe)

(Former P.C Aspirant)