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25.08.2019 NDC News

Congratulatory Letter To Participants Of The NDC's Parliamentary Primaries

By Iddrisu Abdul Hakeem
Congratulatory Letter To Participants Of The NDC's Parliamentary Primaries
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Fellow Ghanaians, every coming event they say shall cast its shadow. Like joke, like joke, the zero-hour of the National Democratic Congress, NDC's primaries has finally come and gone. And only fools can fail to see the hand writing, clearly, on the wall of destiny.

So far provisional results have been released from the various constituencies. The relatively peaceful way the primaries took place must send a strong signal to our current country's batterers who have been mistaken as economic managers, that the time is almost up for them to gracefully bow out of governance, and must as a result start preparing their handover notes. Just as Jesus (peace be upon him) would come back to earth, so will former President John Dramani Mahama would bounce back in 2021 as president of the Republic of Ghana to paraphrase Chairman Azorka.

In fact, like my wedding night, my joy knows no bounds.

To both the winners and the "not losers" in this historic primaries, obviously, friends of yesterday certainly seem to have become enemies of today since the beginning of this epic political battle.

But remember, even the "Pharaoh of yesterday who didn't know Joseph, has now known him and found in him attributes of statesmanship" let alone your case as members of a sacred course.

No matter what, remember that the lion and the palm tree have found a lot in common to make life worthwhile! The winners must not allow the impending power to want to eclipse, in totality, their friends who contested with them. And one's victory would amount to vanity if he or she attempts to use it to settle old scores.

This was the reason why Baron de Coubertin, one of the founding fathers of Olympic Games, emphasized and deemphasized at the same time, that "The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well".

Hence, let winners in this primaries be noble and humble in victory, and the losers be blessed, graceful and grateful in defeat.

Fast forward, now that the delegates of the National Democratic Congress NDC party have decided in unmistakable terms to entrust the leadership of the various constituencies in your hands, the next hurdle ahead, before the trophy of "victory 2020", is to be able to unite all disuniting and disintegrating elements in the NDC party so as to confront, headlong, the common foe of all Ghanaians (the current government).

To win 2020 elections, the sort of tri-sected Parkistanized NDC must be crashed into one. No more Rawlingses. The Prof. Atta "Millses", and the "JDMian" traditions and movements within the party, as factions" must all be condemned into the backwaters of civilization.

This is the time to forgive and forget the disappointments of the past. Overcome and overlook the misunderstandings of yesterday.

This is the time to dilute, discount, and possibly erase the accumulated recriminations and discriminations which might have been harbored by many from last elections.

You can't forever be pointing accusing fingers at each other. After all, the leader of the party, former President Mahama, has absorbed and accepted all blame for the party's unprecedented lose in the last elections.

Unlike other political parties that only pay lip service about their values which they readily compromise at the twist of events, the National Democratic Congress party was a child of circumstance born to discharge democratic and patriotic duties combined in order to free this country from the "long pockets" and misrule of democratic buccaneers, political "Heleluya Boys" and phoney leaders.

It's therefore a sacred duty compulsory on the new entrants to the nation's House of legislature, to embrace spartan lifestyles, espouse and stand for the values, ideals, mission and vision of the NDC party. There's the need, therefore, for an unalloyed loyalty to the party and Ghanaians in general!

Indeed, it will be a sacrilegious act of cowardice, betrayal of mandate, trust and common sense, to capitulate and subsidize your personal principles (if you have any) for your political opponents just for a pot of porridge if you eventually get into the august House.

All opposition MPs who are in bed with the too remote-controlled Majority MPs by the Executive branch of government, must bow their heads in shame.

Collectively, you should identify political "munafiquun" (hypocrites) in your midst. Find and accept no more blackguards, Uncle Toms, and political turn-coats who devalue, demean, defame, deface, and even de-market the party.

The existence of these group of politicians and their brand of politicking is going to be the NDC's biggest challenge as the party struggle to bounce back to power.

For victory is yours in the next election.

No amount of elixir of life can salvage the current flailing and failing clannish, nepotistic, propagandistic, slapstick, and confused Akufo Addo-led government.

In Shaa Allah.

Congrats Honorable Alhassan Suhuyini;

Congrats Honorable John Dumelo;

Congrats Honorable Sam George;

Congrats Honorable Kofi Adams;

Congrats Honorable A. B. A Fuseini.

Congratulations to all winners and those who didn't win.

Life is turn by turn. Sooner rather than later your turn will come, just as it is your turn to come back to political power 2021!

Congrats, National Democratic Congress!

Long Live Ghana.

Long Live our nascent democracy.

God Bless and Bring Back NDC (GBBBN)

God Bless us all.

The Writer, Iddrisu Abdul Hakeem, is a MasterCard Foundation Scholar (alumnus) At KNUST.

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E-mail: [email protected]