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25.08.2019 Feature Article

Should The UN Set Up A Global Fund To Offer Skills Training For Unwilling Sex Workers?

Should The UN Set Up A Global Fund To Offer Skills Training For Unwilling Sex Workers?
LISTEN AUG 25, 2019

As a rule, I never click on to watch online videos - for fear of viruses infecting the tablet I write and post my articles online with. However, earlier today, I had to watch a video which had gone viral.

The still photograph that one had to click on, in order to watch the video, showed a group of women - clearly outraged - who were beating a man whose hands had been tied together, with long staves. Served that sod right.

In one's humble view, all adults who force children to lose their innocence, by raping them, must be locked up for life. Full stop. And, is it not outrageous that men who patronise the services of female sex-workers, are never arrested, during police swoops on red light areas, in all seven continents of our one biosphere? Monstrous.

That gender-unfairness ought to end globally. Definitely. The qusetion is: Is it not rather those selfish and indisciplined male-monsters, who should be arrested, prosecuted and given long jail sentences - for exploiting vulnerable women: many of them often down on their luck, and forced by circumstances, to sell their bodies, in order to survive?

It really is hard to understand why so many societies around the world, are so unfeeling, and unkind, towards poor females of the species, caught in the vicious trap of forced prostitution. It is time something positive was done to free those of them who want to escape from the enslavement that sex work represents, by the United Nations - which should set up a global fund to offer skills training for such women worldwide. Haaba.

Kofi Thompson
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