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25.08.2019 Press Statement

My Victory Is A Victory For The NDC—Sampson Tangombu Chiragia

By Abaduu Fortunate
My Victory Is A Victory For The NDC—Sampson Tangombu Chiragia
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It was with great joy that I received news last night of my victory in the NDC Parliamentary PRIMARIES of the NAVRONGO CENTRAL CONSTITUENCY.

However, allow me to say for starters that this victory wouldn't have been complete without the sublime goodwill calls I received from my opponents, immediately I was declared the winner - conceding defeat and assuring me of their unflinching support in my bid to annex the seat from the incumbent NPP member of Parliament for the NAVRONGO CENTRAL CONSTITUENCY.

Mr. Lawyer Kaba, Dr. Stanislaus Kadingdi, Mr. Emmanuel Andema, and Dr. Paarechuga have all called to congratulate me on my victory and assured me of their unwavering support as we go all out on the prowl in search of the destructive blue elephant that is to blame for the sorry predicament of the Constituency. All of them deserve accolades for exhibiting such admirable maturity and unalloyed love for the NDC.

It is this spirit of comradeship and unity that would most certainly propel us to victory in 2020. I am fortunate indeed to be surrounded by these able colleagues and I am ever willing to tap from their treasure trove of ideas in fashioning out a masterplan to defeat the NPP. With this sense of camaraderie among us, rest assured our victory in 2020 is as constant as the Northern Star!

At this juncture, permit me to eulogize all the branch executives and the delegates for buying into my "paradigm shift" message by endorsing my candidature with a landslide victory.

Many of you have had to sacrifice precious time in order to campaign for me. I am also not unaware of the fact that most of you had to forfeit valuable time which you could have spent in your farms, in this rainy season, just to support me. Some of you volunteered, of your own accord, to join my campaign team in the spirit of volunteerism that used to be a peculiar attribute of our great Party. I am grateful and forever beholden to you.

As I have already said for the umpteenth time, it is my intention to follow through with my promise of strengthening and revivifying the various branches of our great Party. When the branches are sturdy and firm, the tree would produce ample fruits for our consumption! Moreover, it still remains my well considered conviction that the only way to evolve our Party into a vibrant and dynamic political party is to strengthen our Branches by supporting branch executives to take charge of their turf as far as campaign and other related party activities are concerned. Let me reiterate that you have indeed done a yeoman's job!

It is an unimpeachable fact that the NAVRONGO CENTRAL CONSTITUENCY Executives deserve plaudits for not only refraining from openly taking sides in the contestation but also for competently planning, organizing and executing a peaceful Parliamentary Primaries. This is the model type of leadership that is crucial in building a formidable Political Party that is poised to take power in 2020. Against this backdrop, I doff my hat to all the Constituency Executives for demonstrating such exquisite professionalism.

Mention must also be made of the sterling performance of the Upper East NDC regional Executives for executing their oversight responsibilities with surgical precision. Their efforts at sanitizing the campaign and ensuring an issue-based campaign devoid of inflammatory vituperations have really paid off! In fact, they are the reason why we have emerged unscathed and united after such a seemingly grueling campaign exercise.

No one can blink the fact that the National Executives of the NDC deserve loads of credit also for delivering a free, fair and incident-free Parliamentary Primaries. This unarguably is by far the most successful NDC Parliamentary Primaries in recent times and this success can only be attributed to the diligence, competence, and hard work of the National Executives. With such astute leadership at the helm of the Party's affairs, I am confident of a resounding victory for the NDC in 2020.

Permit me to also extend my regards to the former interior, and Defense Minister, Hon Mark Woyongo for his support and piece of advice.

My campaign team deserves special mention for not only going uphill and down dale to espouse the agenda of team STC but also for enduring several wakeful nights all in a bid to protect our interest. When I think back, in the last three months, I am literally moved to tears by your total dedication and commitment to the course. I will always relish these moments we shared together.

This is just the battle I have won, the real war itself is ahead of us and if we are to emerge triumphantly then we have to put in twice the effort we put in the battle! We have to go the extra mile as Christ would put it!

Finally, I would like to thank the chief and people of NAVRONGO and all those who have supported me in diverse ways to realize this ambition! I must confess I have been pampered with so much love ever since I decided to throw down the gauntlet!

As we march into 2020, I would need that selfsame type of support if I am to be able to defeat the lackluster member of Parliament for NAVRONGO CENTRAL CONSTITUENCY.

Thank you.

Yours truly, Sampson Tangombu Chiragia (STC)