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The Underground Man - Part 63

The Underground Man - Part 63
LISTEN AUG 24, 2019

"These days in novels too many people get killed and in games people get shot dead, so so dead. In the good olden days stories were about changing and improving minds to learn a better life-style...but blood seems to be the preferred option of our unfortunate", lamented Anna.

The Underground Man agreed and sad with disgust in his voice: "There you have it! The world is corrupted...down on its knees thirsty for blood more than hungry for, so sad!"

"It does not surprise me at all that these days more and more people look for social influencer that tell them what to think...and such social influencer themselves have no deep understanding of the issues they are talking about, their implications and what to do with the idea behind the issues to create a momentum of today to make tomorrow a better time", mentioned Anna from having looked around and observed particularly the younger generation. "In the older days when information was not much and not so available online ready to hit your mind in a second, people had to sit in their corner at home or work place and think for themselves, a time of creativity, of variety of different ideas and not a time ideas came to you ready made in a menu leaflet to choose from without deeper thinking for yourself. Processed food is in this world too much, so are processed, so sad!"

"I have always loved people that come up with their own ideas and not a repeat of words recycled from others!" added The Underground Man with a laughter.

"The only place where a new concept of humanity can come from is the place where humanity started in the first place which of course is Africa!" lectured Anna with sadness in her voice. "But look at the continent down there with all their mind problems, their wrong thinking that brings their own people down. When I think of Ghana, a country when sending more than USD 50.000 into the country for a project, the money is in great danger to get stolen by the political and economic elite making many investors stay away for the country and its people to suffer needlessly...but greediness is overwhelming the elite to chop money very well not caring about the country only to live a posh life-style in the sun of Africa...wicked minded people these are! how can anyone believe that from that source of humanity, a continent dedicated by God to rule and shape the world, can come the new concept of humanity that drives all of us, that in fact pushes all of us into a new area, a second paradise with a better understanding of life´s issues? That is simply not possible. The White Man is thinking great, has a great capacity to come up with ideas for life on a technical aspect...but it is not his given mandate to create the second paradise for humanity and humans to enjoy life to the fullest. Whites can only think with their mind, with their great intellect...but not with their spirit. The mandated spirit for humanity alone is capable to form a new concept of humanity and execute on it."

"Wisely spoken...young lady!" applauded The Underground Man taking Anna by her hands to lead her out of the room. "You are saying to us...the world is trapped?"

"There is no trap that is bullet proof...has not a side to escape through as anything made is man made for which reason has faults...clever minds need to find the faults and take advantage of be great!"

The Underground Man stood still, looked at Anna and confessed: "You are...a great, wise lady indeed!"

"We ladies are not stupid...we know more than men do!"

"You want to challenge me?"
"I confess the truth of life!" laughed Anna looking into two old and smiling male eyes that had seen all corners of the earth.

The Underground Man led her to a big room covered in darkness only with the imagination of grey concrete walls closing in the space. They stood in the door way, nothing before them to see. Once The Underground Man set foot into the room, he turned to light. His whole structure spread out the brightest light Anna had ever seen. In fact, Anna had to close her eyes and open it again little by little to get used to the brightness of the light coming out of the whole figure of The Underground Man. He himself was the torch light so Anna turned her mobile phone off. She stood next to him looking all around her. What she saw shocked her as much as it interested her, was an amazing sensation, something that blew her mind, hit all her senses trying to make sense of it all.

"All these skeletons of men, women and children that you see here...that fill the room...were once all people that had come to see me and ask for advice. We had very long and interesting conversations...most of them stayed with me for quite some time, some were even born here and left me unwillingly to live among you people up there the place you call home. I remember so well endless conversations that I had with them...basically all of them as each person was special in itself...very specific I have to say!" walked The Underground Man around the room from body to body that walked right through his own body. No physical boundaries kept him from walking around. He walked through their bodies and his body was walking through their bodies. They laid all over, straight, crocked, upright, on their head, in any form possible a human body can bend. "They all still today tell me about what they think, fear and hope, what they want to do, what their problems are...anything you might think of a person thinks...that is what I get to know...from all generations and since humans were made!"

"Adam and Eva....Abraham?"
"Oh, Adam is over there...can you see him...there in the far right corner...and Eva is on the other side in the arms of that funny man...they seem to have a jolly good time...but, as they are children coming out of sperm and egg not worry about overpopulation down here...there is nothing like that", explained The Underground Man laughing stimulating Anna to laugh alongside him. He was happy to see the tension Anna had shown while seeing all the skeletons in the room had disappeared gradually. "When you see all of them alive in their own way, you will certainly be convinced that the world up there above the green grass has never seen something new. All is a repeat of basic issues in new form and shapes, shapes that by try and error finally had emerged out of what is in them always as you can see down here. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust...that is what you see down here. When you people say this famous phrase it only relates to the body that gets decomposed, as the spirit you cannot decompose as it does not disintegrate by anything, not by death, not by worms in the earth covering our funeral sites, not by love or hate, not by remembering or, the spirits are always their Billions and Billions. Here you can meet all of them. When a new body is born, wherever in this world, it is from this storage facility as I call our bunker, that a new body is given a new spirit and soul to function for a much as it is given to the new person. That is the reason why the human beings in their core character and function remain the same as they did yesterday and will be the same tomorrow. Only, of course, the visible outside, no longer walking bended and living in caves but flying to Moon and Mars with potentially one day living there, is what seems to make today´s people different from the olden days of Homo Errectus and alike."

"I am always laughing when you white people think to close or open your borders will solve the problem of overpopulation, the most harmful development for mankind far more so than the popular climate change what is rolling and rolling cannot be stopped but will take the world by storm pushing humanity to its climax and maybe over the edge...seeing people around the world overwhelmed and unprepared for the disaster so obvious to be seen today. As much as it is obvious, as much as it is ignored and voiced down. But a boomerang is not stupid at finds its way back to the sender and when the person is not ready, unprepared to catch the boomerang, it will hit the person in its neck and strike it down...self-inflicted problems as I call it", said a skeleton that had bones around his noise wide and flat indicating it must have been a black man before.

"Do you hear what he is saying?" asked The Underground Man having turned back to Anna.

"I hear...but will they hear?" asked Anna with great doubts in her voice.

"You mean...the rest of the people?"
Anna nodded and declared: "The rest of our folks are ignorant playing football, games on their computers, watching soap operas, lamenting about problems with no solution offered that would make sense and have a longtime positive impact on humans and our planet. They follow strongmen that spread hate speeches, men and women that have no sense of humanity for the future but downgrade others instead of lifting humanity and people up!"

"The problem must be solved where the problem is based...and there the answer must be found!" stated The Underground Man categorically.

"I always laugh", said Anna speaking towards the skeleton with the African nose, "when Blacks wish latest models of Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini and Ferrari. I mean such cars are only for small boys, only a vintage Rolls-Royce is for true kings!"

"I agree!" said the African skeleton. "That is how our mentality long as something is shining and impressive, we think it is worth something and makes the owner stand out. We have no sense to look behind things and look for the real value of things...really sad, so sad."

"Only strong governments, strong leaders move societies big steps ahead under which governmental system ever", lifted a skeleton that seemed to have had a long nose belonging to a white man itself up to look into Anna`s face with a side kick to The Underground Man, "like we know from Pia-Ramesse under Pharaoh Ramses at river Nile in Egypt. Democracy is a great idea but when too many people speak their minds and too many voices block each other as any small interest wants to be heard, even this great form when under weak leadership is bound to fail compared to what that system potentially is capable to achieve. Strong leadership with a good heart for their people can move mountains for them, weak leaders, in no matter how soft political system, play with their people´s destiny. Like Katharina the Great or Peter the Great clearly demonstrate serious experience from outside to implement inside once own country is of great benefit to societies and not insisting on leaders born in the country, live in the country and die in the country insisting on race, belief and citizenship. What countries, what nations need are the best qualified people the earth has given birth to, not the old style based on national and ethnical thinking that easily can delay the progress of a nation by which in the end brings a nation down as life in other nations continue making them stand above oneself."

"Africa...will you ever hear the prompts to destroy or lift you up?" asked the black skeleton having turned back to his place among the many others.

"These days’ people fight against wind mills wasting time and resources. They fight against climate change and economic inequality, war and migrant crisis not seeing the obvious out of which all these problems emerge, overpopulation now and increase in near future. They fight and fight with no sense, blinded by their shortsighted mind, a mind that is driven by a world we want to see, not a world that is and will be. Like Don Quichote from Lamancha they fight against the wings of change, madness is riding through history. The people do not understand they have to manage the mill to limit the outfall of the effect it has on mankind. Instead of fighting the wings with energy wasted, the wise mind renovates the mill and give it another course with in in build momentum generated that way will direct mankind into a better world, onto a higher level of development. The sad part of what is going on is that people raise their voices louder and louder for the symptoms of life, not the course of their problems!" mentioned the white skeleton before disappearing among its peers.

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