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The Underground Man - Part 62

The Underground Man - Part 62
LISTEN AUG 24, 2019

The unknown man responded with a deep, warm voice smiling at her like a grandfather smiles at his grandson when asked for a bar of chocolate or candies that his parents had refused to give him: "They call me `The Underground Man`!"

"Look around...what do you see?"
"Underground!" answered Anna feeling foolish to have asked such a stupid question for an obvious reason.

"That is why people call me `The Underground Man` ", confirmed the mighty standing man.

"Ok...ok...I get you!"
"And what is your name?" asked The Underground Man.

"Anna...that is the name my parents gave me."
"What a nice name...Anna!" stepped The Underground Man forward leaving enough space between both of them, unknown to each other. After all, the bunker must have scared the young lady while for him it was his place to be; to have been for generations past. "I welcome you in my world, Anna. Nice to meet you. Hope and trust you are not afraid of me, a man all in black in the darkness, a man you can only see because your torch light is pointed at me."

"Without it I most certainly would be dead by now!" responded Anna feeling more and more comfortable in the present of the man not known before. He felt like family to her, someone she had known all her life but never seen physically. It was for her as if he would know anything about her life, would have been part of her life right from the start well through to cross the finishing line in time to come. For her the situation was so familiar in her mind and soul as if she had communicated with the unknown man all her life.

"And...why are you here...if I may ask?" wanted Anna to know.

"Because people were putting me here!" answered The Underground Man. "When the war had ended and people were leaving this place of shelter, they gained again confidence in a better life, in a better world, I was resting for a while. They forgot me down here. When I had woken up from my rest, I searched the whole bunker for them, but I couldn’t find anyone left with me. I saw the door to the bunker got looked, I was trapped. But my spirit kept me alive even food and water is not with me. I survived until today and I will even survive more and more...for much longer."

"So, you are all alone here and not anyone had ever let you out?"

"From time to time, not very often, people come to visit me; people that see my as their conscience. They talk to me as they want to know what to think and do!"

Anna smiled saying: "That means you are the conscience of the world?"

"Yes...I am down here!" explained The Underground Man. "People up there in the light these days they live anyhow. They do as they please not thinking, just demanding their own very personal rights to be written in the book of law and forced onto others to follow their mind regardless of what they think and demand...not mentioning what is basically right and wrong. When Jesus Christ died for people to take away their sins and promising them eternal life...look around you...what has he achieved? People do not follow the Ten Commandments given by Moses, they kill, steal, cheat and lie like in the olden days as if there is no improvement in their mind ever. My observation is things are getting out of hand, people do not care about each other anymore. They simply live as it pleases them. Moral standards that from time to time in human history had bounded humans in various societies’ together being a common base of living side by side and with one no more. As you please...that is what they have in their mind always. Self-discipline, motivation, reaching for the impossible, taking charge of once one decision and destiny to be punished whenever things go wrong and having the courage to accept being corrected without blaming family and circumstances of any misfortune rather press on to reach a glorious life even out of isolation among many...not wanted anymore, no longer practiced. But from time to time when people want their individual interest to be heard and be powerful, they come down here to me and need my advice that they can hold against their opponents to get their will. I tell them what their want to hear knowing they will never listen to what I really think about them and their demands. So, I decided I better speak to them in a language they can understand and stand on when back on earth to state their cases and propagate their believe."

"Are people ever coming down to you wanting to know what you really think about what they demand and think about life?" wanted Anna to find out.

For the first time while both were talking, The Underground Man lowered his head and looked down on his feet: "I have been standing on them for all my life...I stood my ground in certainty. I know who I am, I know what life is all about...I know that the people coming down to me have a very long way to go to become what they are supposed to be."

"Let me ask you one question, please!"
"You can ask me anything!"
"Will this ever happen...I mean that we humans will be what we are supposed to be or always run around the bush looking for the forest to blossom in...That gives us shelter and protection?"

The Underground Man looked up straight into Anna`s eyes. He paused for a while before coming clear saying: "No!"

"What do you mean by that...I mean how do you mean that?"

"As long as you people do not know who you are and what you are supposed to do here on earth besides multiply and be fruitful and to take dominion of the earth...your real identity, the reflection of yourself, you will constantly live anyhow, each generation with its own mandate, its own conviction, its own conscience as you please...never able to see yourself as the tool once created to assist the creator. You have been decided and made by him, even your own free will that makes you walk the talk rightly or wrongly is not at all times through time in line with your original source. The free will that you have does not come from inside you but was created for you for which reason it was determined in a specific way, formed by a spirit, a powerful force. It is not free as you might think but in the frame of set rules and regulations given in the definition of your free will. Something that is created is defined in all aspects of its creation and not left to chance in anyway. You humans have demonstrated by evidence of endless generations down under the lush grass of eternity that all you are has shifted inside the frame set for you to please your mind, to make you feel comfortable. It is no longer in your societies and mind to dig each day for your own self, the truth about being and to be. You live anyhow any day...form the world as it makes you comfortable. You live with no plan, you decide with no sense. Your life-style is scratching the surface of what life is supposed to be."

"And when people want their will to be done, they come to you down here into the bunker and ask for your advice. So, basically you are the conscience of the world...isn´t that so?"

"You can call me like that, that is okay by me!" agreed The Underground Man looking down onto his feet again wet as every day. "The water never goes away, it stays here always. It seems this world will never go away...but stays always!"

"I think often by myself...God can do without us...the world does not need humans at all...plants and animals...that should be enough!" provoked Anna laughing.

"That would be half the fun...for God!" was The Underground Man convinced while a big smile crossed his face.

"What did God wanted in the first place when creating the universe and the earth with all the mess on it?"

"You mean, he could have been satisfied by only being himself and a spirit that has power over creation?" asked The Underground Man while looking up to the concrete ceiling above which the playground that hand seen generations after generations having fun, mothers being concerned about their off-spring and love birds at nights hugging and kissing each other.

"Exactly...that is what I mean!"
"A power, a spirit is only power or spirit when it proves himself like that...otherwise it is only a being, a form of standstill."

"You mean, for God to know he is God, he needed to create the universe, the earth and everything there on as a mirror, a kind of reflection of himself to see what he is?"

"A power, a spirit is energy, mental force...and as such needs to spring around and around to be, not to be created, but to be in its purest meaning of the word", described The Underground Man trusting his words and idea would convince Anna, at least make her understand the reason for people and the earth to be.

"Ok, it so bad that especially these days so many individuals form parties, groups for all thoughts of things to make their individual believe be heard and set over the believe of others than to have few main moral standards and expectations that service only certain interest but abundance the interest of many?"

"Look around you...does what is happening today up there on the surface of the earth really helping to move the world to be a better place?"

"Good point!" mentioned Anna. She asked: "Why do you not give up on people?"

"To give up on people? ...What a thought!" took The Underground Man a deep breath. "Will God ever give up on himself?"

"God to give up on himself?" looked Anna up to the concrete ceiling feeling the cold of the night in all her bones. "Never!"

"There you have it!" smiled The Underground Man. "And so, I will never give up on the people finding their way down here to ask for their conscience regardless how it is in the individual cases without taking a guarantee for what they will do in their lives...and up there when light hits them and they can produce their own madness!"

"Why do you not come up and walk among us...I mean up where we all live?"

"To walk among this times...times of confusion to disturb my mind, my peace?" challenged The Underground Man Anna with a serious looks. "I have my peace down here. When they need me, they all know where to find me. Do not worry about the people up there, they are very creative to find ways that will make them comfortable...even if it would mean to come down here and face my mind!"

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