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22.08.2019 Regional News

Disables receive startup capital from Atwima Mponua District Assembly

By Jephthah Kwame Sarfo
The disability association of Atwima Mponua
LISTEN AUG 22, 2019
The disability association of Atwima Mponua

The disability association of Atwima Mponua wore smiles on their faces today when the first batch of 65 out of over 800 PWDs received their portion of the PWD funds. These monies are part of the 3 percent allocation designated for people living with disabilities.

Mr. Carlton Daniel Mawulorm, the Social Welfare Officer of the district expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the management of the Assembly for the timely release of the funds. He advised the receivers to put the monies to good use to serve as an economic backbone to them, their families and Ghana at large.

Honorable William Darko, the District Chief Executive noted that, the NPP administration increased the disability fund from 2 percent to 3 percent, such that, it can help alleviate most of them from needless hardships. He maintained that, this first batch of recipients, are the ones who need monies to start business or expand their existing operations. He further explained that, the second batch of the recipients are the ones who will have Fridges, Deep freezers, Sewing Machines, Fufu pounding Machines, Hair Dryers etc for their daily activities.

He additionally gave details that, the processes that result in the selection of the beneficiaries are done by the PWDs themselves. However, many of their request are out of sync hence, management together with the executives of the PWD association will have to streamline such requests. “We realize that, many of your request are not in tandem with our development agenda, hence, we will have to fine tune such request”, he posited.

He appealed to the PWDs to put the monies they receive into good use. He reiterated that, those receiving the largesse today will not benefit from the next trench. “There are over 800 PWDs living in Atwima Mponua and next week, we shall give out other items to your colleagues who are not benefitting today and I expect that, you appreciate the effort of the President of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

Mr. William Yaw Darko the Chairperson for the PWD Association in Atwima Mponua thanked the District Chief Executive and his able lieutenants for assisting the vulnerable in the district.

Jephthah Kwame Sarfo

ISD-Atwima Mponua

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