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14.02.2006 Regional News

Ashesi University launches Mathematics Club


Accra, Feb. 14, GNA - Professor S E Anku, a mathematics lecturer at the Ashesi University College, on Tuesday advised students to devote their time and cultivate the love for mathematics because that would help them to easily find solutions to societal problems. Prof Anku said after several years of teaching mathematics he had become convinced that without the proper use of mathematics Ghana would continue to remain a developing country.

He was speaking at the launch of a mathematics club formed by students of the University to make mathematics friendlier and change the perception held by most students that the subject was a difficult one. Prof Anku expressed his appreciation to the students for taking the courage to form the club and to convince other students to approach the subject with ease.

He said the club would be extended to other schools in the country and appealed to students to take advantage to learn new methods of applying mathematics to real life situations.

Prof Anku said: "We do not need IMF and the World Bank to solve our problems; what we need is to motivate our students who are the future leaders and they would make it".

"We are going to celebrate Valentine's Day with mathematics and show tender love for the subject, for day in day out we are faced with mathematical problem."

He said through the use of mathematics the university was able to develop a timetable used by teachers.

Mr Pethuel Danyo, of the Ministry of Education, who represented the Minister of Education and Sports said since the inception of the University it had considerably changed the perception and attitudes of students towards the subject.

He called on students from other schools to follow the example of the University and help sustain the club.

Ms Mildred Naa Lamley Woulff, Registrar of the University said the club would enable students to explore more creative options of mathematics outside the classroom.

Isaac Sanni Thomas, President of the Club said, "we have tasted and seen that mathematics is good, it solves a lot of problems not just the complex equations that we see, it also solves real life problems." 14 Feb. 06