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APFD Poised to deliver quality mining and environmental services to mining companies.

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APFD Poised to deliver quality mining and environmental services to mining companies.
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Outsourcing certain functions in mining operations, according to experts within the mining industry, has been a problematic venture to most mining companies. Some companies have consistently lamented the situation in most cases impede productivity leading to low revenue realized from mining operations. The resultant effects have included, in some extreme cases, the shutdown of mining operations, entrenchment of workers, low wages, and slag in local economies where mining operations are situated.

There are, nonetheless, further social and environmental challenges that some mining companies do suffer. Many, despite their overwhelming contribution to the growth of their catchment areas, still fail to secure the social license that serves as a bridge of cordiality between the host community and the mining company. This has led to uncountable episodes of friction between some mining companies and their host communities.

But, most of these challenges could be over soon with the establishment of a mining and environmental services company, APFD. The nascent limited liability company which was registered in August, 2018 is poised to serve as a panacea to the many mining related challenges that some mining companies face by providing an integrated array of services to tackle the emerald of challenges.

“Our mission is to help companies and individuals solve many of the mining-related challenges that impede growth and development in their operations”, said Peter Owusu-Yeboah, one of the four leading founders of the company, during the official inauguration of company in Obuasi.

APFD is an acronym which translates into “Andrew, Peter, Francis and Daryl”, the first names of the four founders of the company. The four founders can boast of a cumulative experience, within the mining sector, of over seven decades, working in different yet critical departments. Whilst Daryl is a Canadian and a board of director of the APFD, Andrew, Peter and Francis are Ghanaians and shareholders of the company.

APFD Mining and Environmental Services can proud itself of having a very strong technical base with a unique blend of technical and scientific associates that have vast expertise and experience within the mining sector. APFD has individual resource persons and affiliates that have had continuous experience in the sector and available, upon prompt, to deliver to the satisfaction of prospective clients.

APFD promises to be dependable, reliable, loyal, committed, efficient and innovative in delivering on their mandate. “We promise to work assiduously to ensure we comply with our core values as company as we seek to deliver on our mandate to our clients”, Peter Owusu Yeboah – one of the founders’, intimated during a presentation at the official launch of the company on the 7th of August, 2019.

Some services the company seeks to provide includes Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) including Strategic Environmental Assessments, Safety and Occupational Health Assessments, Social Assessments and Studies, Audits, Risk Assessment, Environmental Monitoring, Land Reclamation and Rehabilitation, Education and Training, Waste and Chemical Management among others.

Despite APFD being outward looking, the company in the interim has decided to target local market including government institutions, mining and manufacturing industries, landfill operators or waste management companies, small scale mining operators. “We look to have footprints mining communities in Ghana, Africa and across the world”, Peter Owusu Yeboah mentioned in an interview.

APFD intends to establish outlets in mining communities across the country with the vision of becoming the go-to name when it comes to the provision of mining and environmental services in Ghana. The company has its main office currently at Obuasi, on the top floor of Mactina Supermarket in the central part of Obuasi, closer to the old railway station.