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The Underground Man - Part 58

The Underground Man - Part 58
LISTEN AUG 17, 2019

"Economically we are already back in the hands of our former colonial masters. While we play in the sandbox to build castles in the people provide for us the sand that we do not have but are potentially capable to harvest form our own natural resources. The sandbox is determined by you here in your society, the size, the shape the material used to build. And when someone says that if Europe r Germany does get involved more in Africa leaving a vacuum behind for other political groups to come and take over...I laugh...always."

"The problem now and coming Africa is causing mankind is simply too big for only one political side to manage...these powers will lose out in the end if they still keep thinking that narrow minded. Africa can only be a common effort for all people that have an interest to see this world more or less well managed, problems seen, addressed and solved...simple as that!" mentioned Anna while feeding the ducks with old bread crumbs she had carried all the while in a plastic bag laughing over herself when realizing she could also have used a cotton wool shopping bag that she had stored away in her kitchen below the sink. More and more ducks came rushing and stood before her with open beak to get filled.

"The discussion is out of hand on this aspect as people simply do not understand what needs to be done", said Joe helping Anna to feed the ducks that were preparing themselves for the winter time. "It is not about your countries taking over our countries like in the past, it is about managing a problem that cannot be stopped but the effects reduced. It is about getting the best minded and qualified people to do a job. Our presidents, the black once, pride themselves with big cars, big airplanes, and big mansions while you Whites basically are humble and okay with even using bikes or public transport to get from A to B. But for us, our presidents waste our national money to make themselves bigger and bigger. We the African people are fed up with them, we see no sense in them any longer. We do not trust our own people and inside Africa countries do not trust each other rather making business with you people here in the white world. Madagascar is not selling its sugar to Africa, but Europe...what a nonsense...what a stupid mind we have. But...", was Joe stressing out and making crystal clear, "we do not want to be ruled over by masters again. All we want is to be taken serious, being respected and managed well by white individuals that do not represent any nation but only themselves like a coach does in football...that is all. Therefore as much as our societies in Africa get more and more indebted with you folks here, more overpopulated, more negative effects because of climate change that cause higher food production cost as rain comes for free but irrigation cost money and our natural resources coming to an is crystal clear that the time is near you folks will manage our affairs again as we have failed...only to make sure we do not destroy your societies by getting there in our numbers and causing more harm to you people. So, it will be that you will take the torch of power again in Africa to ensure that we have a good life in our own countries as no one of us wants to leave Africa really. We are only forced by the circumstances to do so. The problem you have triggered by giving way to our independence too early and forcing your concept of Democracy onto us that is never working for us, at least not for the foreseeable now a boomerang that you must catch in the air before it breaks your neck from behind!"

"The effects of climate change and environmental destruction is visible to the eye right now", lectured Anna walking on towards Alte Wöhr to take the train back to Sülldorf, "but the problem hiding behind that problem is only visible when you see through the propaganda issue of climate change and understand the impact coming to us, something that will hit right into our faces...and we are unprepared for it, so helpless watching the avalange run over us knowing we could have done something about it right in time to minimize the impact. When snow on the mountains is too much and dangerous for the trucks using the road in the valley, the get shot at to come down in a controlled manner. With what well minded eyes can see as regards to overpopulation that seems to be an issue so far, yet so management tools are put in place to handle the mess we are about to see!

"People only want to tackle issues this feel comfortable with and think they can handle. As soon as problem appear they think they are too big, too overwhelming...they close their eyes, convince themselves the next generation should handle the avalange of people rushing down over their heads to crush them...long time after they are gone having a good party under the grass below looking at their stone so well carved for history...Oh God have mercy on your true, so true!" mentioned Joe, hugging Anna saying good-bye as he needed to take the train into the other direction towards the airport. His hotel was not far from landing and taking off airplanes as he was scheduled to fly very early in the morning, the first flight that would take off for the day. "I trust you will visit me in Ghana and stay with me and my family for long!" was he saying when the train left the station. Anna was waving at him hoping his wish would come true at the right time set.

"She makes me sick...simply sick!"
"You mean...she just does not want to die?"
"Yes, that is what I mean. It makes me, so sick!"

"She is touch...a real armored lady!"
"Yes, really armored. But there must be a way to finish her once and for all. A plan that works, that is what I need now!"

"I have an idea what we can do to make it happen....but it will cost you more than you pay me normally...much, much more!"

"Any amount that you will mention I will pay...and if I need to ask for a loan at my bank...I will pay to have my peace finally, once and for all", said Irena looking grim and angry at Walburga. For month she had come twice a week, paid her money after money yet seeing no result. Each days she stood before her mirror, mirror asking it for the answer she longed to hear deep in her heart, the accident Anna would have to end her life once and for all. The mirror, mirror on the wall would always answer her in the same old style that above her there is her younger sister taking dominion over her family´s affairs exposing her as evil, showing the world her real face, a face only known in the family. Her friends would see her smile and easy going, her family knew about her black heart and hell fired soul.

Walburga got up, walked over to the sideboard, came back with two little plastic bowls with a kind of light white cream inside advising Irena: "Be very careful with these once...very careful, they are deadly. Each cream itself is not a problem, but when both creams are applied at the same time at the same body...minutes later the person is dead."

"That is what I was looking for...minutes later dead", rejoiced Irena eager to get hold of the creams after having issued a cheque for the high amount of money asked for.

Walburga handed over the creams to Irena instructing her: "You must find two people that have access to Anna. They should touch her and pretend it would be by mistake, each shortly after each other. Make sure, your helpers will wash their hands after having it applied onto the skin of your sister Anna and walk away. There will be no traces left behind. Make sure they do this away from any cameras so that later no evidence can be brought against them and eventually you. That should work and make the trick!"

"Walburga...I am so, so thankful to you. So, so grateful that the time after suffering all those years past in her shadow, all the lies I spread around about her that did not kill her and take her away from my marrow, mirror on the wall...that now finally the time is over and I can stand tall in this world with no shame and disgrace on my name. I am free!" did Irena shout loud out for neighbors to hear. Walburga tried to cool her down. "Evil is going to win over good...finally!"

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