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The Underground Man - Part 55

The Underground Man - Part 55
LISTEN AUG 17, 2019

"Before we are born our life is already decided based on all the decisions we will take in our lives. Ask yourself, why anyone should be given a great idea for creating new businesses or in the creative arts when it is obvious that person would never do the right things in life to achieve that one great business to make himself rich and create jobs for others. That of course would be a waste of resources and time. All we do here on earth is nothing but to live a life based on the millions little decisions each day that ends up to a big decision, the outcome of our life. So what we do here is to live a life that before it had even began, had already been decided. What you experience tomorrow is time that had already been created, so tomorrow is not new, things that happen are not new, it is only our moving ahead in time that makes us see what had already been created before us. We live life from basically backwards. So we can also understand that in us as humans anything needed to get out form our caves and walk on Mars was already in us. Only the need for us to discover and see what life has in stock for us, what was already created and is there...time will tell us, will let us see...but everything, let me be clear on this, is and was and will be always in us!"

"You mean life is nothing but a journey forced onto us to see what life has in stock for us whether or not we actually want it?" was Anna wondering about the concept of life of a woman far more experienced about life matters than her.

"Anything in this world you can judge positively or negatively...but life is neither nor. Life is who and what it, time of people moving from cradle to grave and do it all over again in later life. This world is spinning round and round in circles, nothing new on planet earth as we always say...right? And therefore basically the only moral standard we need as humans is to live our life as given...but we need moral standards to manage life among so many people on earth from time to time to have clarity about what to do and what to leave for which reason it is clear that moral standards change over time. What is important today to observe and follow, tomorrow no one cares rather stores it away in the cellar to dust away."

"You mean, moral standards are by chance?" asked Heinrich Heerde showing more and more interest in the discussion.

"Not by chance in its fundamental sense, but by time and personal decision that when voiced influences others and the group demanding such standards to be right and valid, the need to implement them...than it becomes the living reality of societies as long as these societies in their belief continues to exist...until time comes new believes emerge from the cellar to dominate human life again", made Domenica her view of life clear.

"You mean...", wanted Anna to provoke Domenica and bring her to the boiling point, "life is a joke?"

"Life is not a joke", laughed Domenica walking over to Anna holding her hands, "it’s a job...a job given to us by force...and we have to perform on time given to the best we which way ever!"

"In other words, the world can live without us humans...isn´t it?"

"The world can turn round and round without any human, yes that is so. But...and life always has a but...God cannot do without us!" smiled Domenica tired ready to go back to her grave and have a long and good rest. "Never forget, we are here not because we wanted it and have come to God´s mind and attention to make us. We are here only because God had decided so to make us and make us the way we are with a free will to do wrong or right. Therefore...we do not live for us...but for him!"

She knew going to Hamburger Fischmarkt early on Sunday mornings would be a stupid idea; only tourists would do. The market ends officially by half past nine, the best time to buy is around that time. Ten minutes before over the loudspeaker the same old message to close the market and vendors to clear the place would hit the busy people selling and buying she would appear on the scene, check out the offer of fruits and vegetables looking behind the stands were the vendors pack their food stuff to estimate how low down they would have to bring the price for cherries, cucumbers, cauliflower and roses knowing they could not take them back to their warehouses and bring back the following Sunday; pressure was on them easing the pressure in her pocket and on her money. After a good breakfast with coffee, rolls with salami and lettuce garnished, orange juice from the bottle and red grapes set Anna off to leave her apartment in Sülldorf to take the train with direction to Hamburg Airport/Poppenbüttel to get off at station Reeperbahn in the heart of Hamburg Red Light District.

Before going down the stairs to the level of the Hamburger Fischmarkt she looked at the two bronze statues of a woman and man selling fish. The market had been taken over by other vendors selling clothes, money purses, cake and rolls, flowers and honey. At the time of her childhood ships had come up the river Elbe unloading their fresh catch, but these times had gone long time as trucks are faster and cheaper to bring from Holland or Denmark the needed catch onto the dinner tables of Hamburger. But still, it was a popular place, tradition of good olden days, that tourists would still love to come to to get entertained and confused by the shouting of some vendors offering best quality, large quantity and cheapest, really lowest prices for it all. They were that much successful to manipulate with words and a great show put on their trucks from which they were selling, that people from outside Hamburg did not see what they were buying was not of the best quality but left over from big sellers unable to sell it to any other customers but the once from the Hamburger Fischmarkt. What tourists mainly paid for was the entertainment on display, for locals the cleverness of knowing what was behind it all.

Going down the stairs Anna felt strange unable to explain what the feeling was telling her she had. She looked around, behind her nothing to see, everything as normal, as she had seen it hundreds of times before. But yet, the strange feeling of uncertainty, of danger would not go away. When she stepped on the pavement of the Fischmarkt Anna turned around again, stood still, letting people pass her, looked down onto her shoes, and looked up again into the stream of people getting down and towards her. As much as she tried to see, nothing unusual appeared to her eyes. She shock off the worries and question, moved on towards the Turkish vendors to check out their prices of fruits and vegetable. She wanted to make a nice vegetable soap for the whole of the coming week. Knowing where and what to buy at what price to get, moved Anna further towards the west end of the market enjoying the vendors from Holland selling plants with names she had never known before. To get entertained by those for free and possibly getting a bargain had always been joyful to her. She knew at home all their plants took all her space available before the windows, no place for new once. Looking inside the Fischhalle a Country and Western Music Group, oldies in this genres for years, were giving people a good time. Sitting at long tables and benches surrounded by food vendors ready to sell fried sausages and eggs with fried potato slices, everyone laughed, and some were dancing to the demanding loud tune of the band. Beer filled the air.

The it was again, the feeling of fear and anxiety creeping up her body all the way from down her feet to her head. Her hands were shaking, she did not know why. Anna looked at her body that seemed to have separated itself from her mind. As much as she tried to take her body under the control of her mind, she failed. Something had taken control over her and as she did not know what or who it was, it was not possible for her to fight against the fear inside her. To fight against an enemy or a situation standing right before her was never a problem to conquer and bring down, but not seeing, not knowing, only feeling would not be possible to victorious about.

Irena had left home early in the morning shortly after sunrise gone to Sülldorf. She had set her mind to find out her sister´s life-style, what she would do on a daily and normal basis needed for her plan to end her life. How she finally wanted to execute her conviction that this world was either for her or Anna only, no place for both, was not yet certain. Hiding behind trees, bushes and houses had she seen how Anna had left her apartment in Sülldorf. On the train Irena had been sitting at the back of the wagon never leaving her sister out of sight. Before stepping down onto the pavement of Hamburger Fischmarkt Irena used her mental strength wishing Anna would fall down the stairs and brake her neck. She had made sure more and more people would use the stairs and intentionally accidently would run Anna over to make her fall. Disappointment captured and tortured her heart seeing Anna well and alive to check out the Turkish vendors as if nothing would have happened, no one be chasing after her life. With disgust was she seeing hiding behind the caravan of a vendor inside Hamburger Fischmarkt Halle selling fish rolls with mayonnaise and boiled eggs how much Anna enjoyed herself. Her bloody eyes were fired by her deadly spirit to end her sister´s life. Irena did not dear for a second to take off her eyes from Anna and look for any opportunity to do harm to her.

"I admire Werner Otto so much", was Anna hearing an pensioner saying to his wife eating fried eggs with fried potato slices, beer next to them, shouting into his wife´s ears as the music was too loud for a normal conversation, "that build a Multi-Billion Dollar Otto Versand from humble beginnings. After last world war he photocopied three hundred prints of a catalogue with few shoes from Italy and distributed all of them by hand while Germany was getting slowly back on its feet again. With hard work, cleverness and never losing sight of his destiny, he was able to hand over to his very talented son Michael a company dominating the world market. And what I find so stupid is now the never ending discussion that rich people need to pay extra tax on their wealth. That is so, so stupid. I mean anyone is free to make himself employed, follow in the footsteps of Werner Otto and others, make money, create jobs only come from people that take the risk to step out of paid jobs and come up with an invention, an idea for which people would be paying for, make money over time and then be rich. I always ask myself when politicians say such stupid things, why did they not go the way and become rich people by entrepreneurship. When they have seen what it takes to come from nowhere and be someone over time with all aspects involved, fears, downfall, getting up again, losing money, sleepless nights, long hours, no vacations and so on...why do these politicians before talking nonsense not go that way as idea are free, you do not have to pay for them, they are a product only of the brain...and brain is what I suspect they hopefully someone call their own...or not? Whatever...when they are rich themselves, they have a right to talk and come up with demands. Do not forget that heirs of riches, people that have never really contributed anything to create jobs for others, are taxed the same way like those once that have lost blood and sweat to come to where they are today? Is that justified? Most certainly not. But people and politicians only ask for extra wealth tax not because it is justified or it makes sense, only because it is popular with voters and could potentially help them in their re-election campaign...that is all. Such people should always remember, people that are lazy when it comes to work or fear the risks involved, that our society needs people willing to give their life for what they believe in and subsequently creating jobs for the once fearful or reluctant to give up holidays, wanting good night sleep and spend quality time with their kids. Without them all these people demanding the extra tax would not have a job. They always forget, all the big companies in this world at their beginning, were created by humble, simple people, mostly not highly educated, not from rich families...think of that before you talk, I say to the stupid politicians!"

"You and your politics!" complained his wife drinking her beer and enjoying the music. "Cannot you just stop talking about such issues and enjoy life? Have fun!" She went to the space before the stage dancing to the music.

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