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The Underground Man - Part 54

The Underground Man - Part 54
LISTEN AUG 17, 2019

Al turned around seeing a slim man in his mid-forties looking kind of handsome, not like someone able to do harm to others. "I got the email form that man asking to be eaten. After few email exchanges he came down to my house, as I was asked to do, I killed him and as he had wanted I started to cut him into pieces and ate him bit by bit", described Robert Dietrich his actions, for him a normal behavior. He never saw anything wrong in what he had done, could not understand that others were thinking differently.

Hamman jumped into the conversation justifying his actions: "I would have never been able to eat anyone of the people I murdered and cut into pieces...after all, they were too many of to eat all that meat?"

"You could have invited me!" was Robert Dietrich joking seeing Anna was shocked down to her bones. "You think I am a monster, mentally disturbed, sick in all my brain...right, young lady?"

With great fear and reservation was Anna answering: "Yes...I guess so!"

"Was I not born like you, an innocent child knowing nothing about the world, about its terms and conditions, rules to follow? Was I not educated by my parents and teachers, by my bosses at my old work place, shaken and shaped by life? How on earth could it happen that someone asks me to kill and eat him and I do it? Where is that instinct and information in me coming from...and to see that all of it is normal? Do such ideas fly in the air and all of a sudden jump into a person...and why me? Why not anyone else, why me?" asked Robert Dietrich the group present.

"We also killed a man", appeared out of nowhere a group of three ladies, two daughters with their mother. The sat next to Robert Dietrich looking downwards onto their shoes before the mother started to speak out with confidence: "My husband misused us for a period of fifteen years. He did worst things to us, beating us making our life a living hell. The three of us one day down on our knees, at the end of what we could carry on our souls had sit together and decided to kill that beast not letting us live in peace any longer. This is all we could do to get rid of that bastard, the son of an evil woman. The suffering and torcher of that man was simply too much. So we three killed him in the end. We all were so relieved when later the court was setting us free from murder charges walking out of prison for free."

"For free?" was Anna astonished about the spirit of German law.

"Yes...we admitted to have killed him but because of the long time under his regime in agony the court did not send us to life imprisonment for murder", said one of the daughter emotionless.

It took Anna a few seconds of thinking before asking: "Before killing him, the evil man to end your misery he had put you in, would it not have been possible for you, the mother to leave him with the help of authorities and friends or by your own initiative and take your two daughters with you? Was killing the last resort to turn to and then...walk for free?"

"To free ourselves from that evil man was so difficult, so very difficult...", started the mother to justify her thinking and actions.

"Difficult...I believe", was Anna holding against her, "but certainly possible as anything like that is possible, even if you three would have ended u sleeping on the streets begging for mercy, money and food...something like that would have been possible in case no friends would have been able to help and authorities would have been unwilling to do their work...but to kill an evil man to set yourself free...I do not believe this is right...not for a second!"

"You were not in our shoes! So who are you to judge us. Feeling all the pain for all those many years under the dictatorship of their father and my would have certainly gone crazy yourself!"

"Most certainly not", insisted Anna stepping forward towards the group of three that had got up to face her eye to eye. "I would have left such a man fright away when I would see the first sign of him to treat me like a slave and left him...even if it would have mend to start life all over again from down under. But to take the life of a man knowing this world has so many chances to avoid killing people...that is not right. And what makes me more angry is that the German court system has failed to bring justice into our society be doing the right thing in spirit and by following the letters of the law. Law in this country, like in all around the world, is never absolute, is always a slave to time, changing when human life is changing. Laws have nothing to do with justice, with being closure to issues in a society, they are there to control a society and its people based on pleasing its own ethical standards that change from generations to generations. When we call a sentence life imprisonment but leave most murderers out of prison after mostly fifteen years, than the term life-imprisonment is useless, is the wrong labeling for a cause society has to deal with. The sentences given in other cases are not justified by any absolute standard, they are made to taste by a certain society at a certain given time. But that is not can never be right. And Judges do not sentence people accordingly to the law by the letter, but accordingly to their interpretation of the law, the spirit they think they can discover behind a law. They wrongly argue that no law can be written suitable for individual cases to do justice to the case, therefore the interpretation of a judge is needed to come to the best conclusion. When you critically think deep about it you will most certainly discover such ideas spoken are wrong and useless!"

"I was listening to you, young lady, very carefully and see, your heart is pumping very well...your ideas are not mainstream but thinking crisscross about the spectrum of human life", showed a slim, middle aged man the scene and sat below the grave stone of family Rabe high bushes left and right. "It is very good to think of life´s issues instead of just existing and moving one beating time to death until successful finally to be here like all of us...dead bodies walking around, talking to each other, sharing our insights in life, speaking openly as punishment from whatever side has no effect on us anymore."

Hamman moved closer to the unknown man that introduced himself to the others as Gerhard Löper asked him:" What is your story then?"

"I was a drug dealer and drug addict myself...overdose killed me in the end!"

"So, you might say, in the end you might have killed more people than me with your drugs?" challenged Hamman Gerhard Löper looking deep in his eyes that had no visible life in them. Gerhard Löper was taking but his facial expressions never changed.

"At least I killed myself!" tried Gerhard Löper to crack a joke harvesting looks of doubts and not understanding. "How many more I killed by selling them drugs during my life-time or later...I do not know. Certainly I am not proud of what I have done, not what I have done to myself and to others to finance my drug addiction...certainly not!"

"But is it not so, that at a time in our life, we have to take responsibility for what happens to us and with us and what we do...not to put responsibility onto other people or the circumstances we find ourselves in or we have escaped from?" wanted Anna to get down to the truth of life.

"Does it really matter who you are? I mean one of us are prostitutes, some Saints in heaven, others big bosses with lots of money, politicians, electricians or mass we all cannot be equal!" provoked Domenica the congregation of dead people now all sitting in the wet grass. "In the end, we all die, no matter what we have done in our life while all could see us. No rich man can takes his riches to the underworld, no saint can take his blessings with him, no money can be spend in the kingdom of death, no famous person can take its fame with what sense does it make to fight like many people are fighting to have a better life or be better people as the end is the same like for all of us?"

"What sense does life make in the first place", was Anna the first to answer as the rest looked at Domenica with open eyes not knowing what to say, "when we get life, life and not try to life it well? I mean in that case we could refuse to be born in the first place, couldn`t we?"

"I know that life is not in our hands...even I am not a Christian or any other follower of a religion...but my life has thought me so many things. One is for certain, we can have plans for our life as much as we want to, can follow our parent’s comments not to leave the right path and to do well. But as life is so complex, so diverse, we all will end up seeing ourselves in the hour of our death at a different place in life. When we are young, we thing the sky is not the sky is not the limit, everything can change fast when only enough energy and determination is put onto a course of change. As we grow old and have kids on our own, we cross a line of understanding. Things are never as they seem and as they appear before our own eyes. We must jump over too many hurdles, cross too many dangerous and deep waters. We drown on the way or reach the other side of the river healthy and in Great Spirit."

"Domenica...", looked Heinrich at his wife Irma knowing what he had to say would not be liked by her but provoke grim looks, "I have always admired your work in a way as to beat these men for money, to hear them shout for lust when they feel heavy whipping on their backs to get their sexual kick and satisfaction...surely was not easy... ."

"Job is get used to it", replied Domenica getting closer to Heinrich Heerde.

"I do not think I would be capable of doing it even if I would be a way!" insisted Heinrich Heerde smiling at the lady carefully observing how her big breasts moved up and down. All of Hamburg knew her size and she was never hiding what God had given her to expose to the world.

"We have all our mission as we are all the same basically, but outside of our core human being, we are so, so different. Humans came in all shapes and sizes, not the same at all. Our outside might look the same like few others, but the fullness of our being, our structure, our character, our time in and around us, makes us unique people. Yet, main characteristics can be seen as the same like many others have."

Anna jumped in and said: "I think...we all better sit back and take our time to think about what you have just said. That needs careful consideration and then we see, who of us comes to which conclusion and recommendations for himself and others to follow."

"Very well said...young Lady!" smiled Domenica reaching out to Anna. She took her warm hands; Anna felt air around her hands, cold like the night.

Loki Schmidt raised her voice by saying: "If you think that moral and ethical standards do not matter and life achievements are left to chance, then it would mean life on earth is basically meaningless...a mere gamble?"

Domenica got up to sit right next to Loki Schmidt discussing the issue face to face: "Let’s face it, this world is full of moral much as it is full of people. There are basis moral expectations we all have and they are universal at all times, but...and life always has a but...there are more moral standards that are time related and left to chance as people see them fit to use and expect others to follow. So, on that very note we must see life of humans and the expectations we as individuals and group of individuals have when it comes to us and the others."

"So, you are telling me that even if only one person should live here on earth, that one also needs moral standards?" challenged Loki Schmidt seeing the big breasts of Domenica moving up and down giving the lady from Sanct Pauli a massive standing whole sitting.

"Even in that case moral standards are needed, in that case he for himself. We cannot life just having a body to walk around, feed and digest before letting our food leave our body again. There is this thing in us that we commonly call brain...and unlike animals and plants are we mandated or you can also say haunted to use it to our own good. We have not come here to destroy, but to develop and development in its core mandate is always targeted to create something positive, sometimes positive out of negative...but aiming for the positive side of life in the end. For that very reason it is up to us to create our own life...the outcome of it over time. Circumstances we find ourselves in cannot tight us to see glory in our lives. But as we are free to think whatever we want to think and believe, not by force of anyone outside us, we are free to choose our destiny. Therefore as much as we are all born the same with the same tools given to us we move into so many different directions become prostitutes, murderers, rich bosses out of no money available, inventors, teachers and what have you not."

"But...great lady of wisdom", laughed Loki Schmidt moving closer to Domenica, "tell me secret about why is it that we become who we will be at the end of our life and not someone else besides the fact that we have our own free will?"

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