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The Underground Man - Part 53

The Underground Man - Part 53
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Domenica refused to accept the compliment and said: "Oh no, my dear young Lady, here behind me...", was she pushing a slim lady in front of her," she is a real great lady...a real intellectual person...a teacher!"

Anna had seen the lady that had black lounges, an oval face and sharp eyes from pictures, even seen an exhibition of her husband inside Hamburg Airport Terminal one: „Loki...Loki nice to meet you!"

Loki Schmidt did not give her hands knowing Anna would not feel anything but air with a mental picture shaped, formed, with a distinctive appearance, yet with no feelings at all, no blood, no bones, no emotions. "My husband...", did she look around not seeing where he was, "must be here somewhere. I mean, as always, Helmut goes his own ways. You cannot control him, no one can. Even for me I tried it hard I honestly can say...but his character is in that way that in the end no woman and nothing can change his mind. Once he thinks in a certain way...that`s it! Our marriage was not always easy...but in our later years we were a very good team and as great love had faded in the years passed, we knew each other very well and had a very respectful time for each and with each other."

As usual the former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt arrived at the scene with half smoked cigarette knowing it does not make any sense at all to change his mind, he felt free to do whatever he had in his mind: "Nice to meet you!" was he greeting Anna shaking her hands knowing she would not feel him. "You really look smart, young lady, I salute you!" It was still in him, the desire to please ladies and make them feel very comfortable. With a twinkled of his left eye was he looking at Anna. "Most politician you cannot tell your people the truth always, they would not understand what you know and want best for the people by which you were once elected. And do not forget, in a democracy, not like in Dictatorship or a company of your own, you need to drill into hard wood for long time finding in the end of a tiring process only a fraction of your original ideas come to pass. In a company you as the inventor and boss can give direction and when people do not follow you, you simply fire is only an issue how much it will cost you...but you cannot fire a nation that does not want to follow you...", was Helmut Schmidt laughing standing by his wife. "You might know at one point in my life I wanted seriously to stop politics and go into business making lots of money and have my peace of mind based on economic freedom! When you are rich you can say anything you want as money protects you, but when you are poor and depend on other people´s fortune and gratitude, their grace, things look much, much different. Money is not everything, money does not buy you happiness, but it buys you freedom of speech to a great extend as long as it is not violating any laws in the country...and even in that case you can hire good lawyers fighting for you to give you a platform on which you can stand to promote your ideas that possibly change a society into your proclaimed ideas."

"So Sir, let me ask you about NATO Double Treaty and its true meaning", stepped Anna closer to Helmut Schmidt away from their family.

"People think I did this because I was seriously believing we in Europe had an imbalance of nuclear war heads; we in the NATO against the countries of the Warsaw Pact especially in Russia. I mean we all knew since Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, the atomic bomb attacks leaving hundreds of thousands people dead and sick that an atomic war cannot be won by any party involved. Unlike a conventional and possibly regional conflict with weapons and tanks you can stop and contain. But once an atomic war takes place, this certainly is the end of mankind. Even back in the days I initiated with the French President that idea and the Treaty it was clear to all people with sense, that the atomic bombs arsenal on all sites was already that large the world would have been destroyed in just minutes completely...all across the globe. We were not stupid not to know that. The upcoming Peace Movement that opposed heavily our plan, especially the Ladies in Greenham Common in England, did not have to tell us what would happen in case of a third war with atomic bombs. What they never understood, and until my death I had to make them believe that what I had said to defend our plan was true, our real intentions was to bring the Communism in Eastern Europe and beyond down to its knees and eradicated it from the earth. As money rules the world my French President and I had to make sure by the race to implement Pershing Two and Cruise Missiles with many war heads forcing our Russian counterpart to increase their effort to lift up the numbers of nuclear warheads would finally collapse their countries. People need money to be happy. Look into China of Mao, no money, no happiness. People do not live by ideology, they live by money. When people have nothing to eat, no housing, no health facilities, no future to better their lives during their life-time, they get angry. It is that time when they start thinking and when they do that, they come up with ideas. These ideas over time form a system, a demand something we call political manifestos or at a larger scale ideology. When the stomach is crying for food and shelter, the mind must be stimulated by new ideas to bring them food and shelter after which new ideas emerge based on a filled stomach. This simple principles you can see in every society on all levels. You can clearly see this in your society, Germany of today, a country economically rich from nowhere, but politically needs to reform itself to meet the demands of today to move the society of this country ahead. All parties now in power or talking for days without end, their manifestos cannot be taken serious anymore. Even when you look into the faces of the people speaking for these parties you see, they are not up to scratch. And I hear so often when people stand before my grave and pay me respect, that in the days passed Germany had politicians with character, people like Strauss and Wehner...people with a fighting spirit moving the people of these country. Today being on a very high position among nations Germany is too beaurocratic, to my in love with itself. When a country is content with its high level of achievement in all walks of life from that high position to come up with a real good concept for the next phase of a society is hard to do. For a poor man to struggle and come up with great ideas, fabulous inventions, with the power to survive, got make it to the top from far below gives a drive that seems to be out of this world. But for a rich country like Germany, like Europe being so full of food in a big stomach...oh, oh, that is not easy at all."

Anna looked at Helmut Schmidt smiling: "You mean, if I get you right, poor countries like in Africa...the future is for them?"

"Africa...oh Africa", was Helmut Schmidt taking another cigarette enjoying the smoke in his lounges, "if only these people down there would not only enjoy the sun and their beautiful big five, their great nature but separate themselves from the dark mind in their spirit, renew their blood and reinvent themselves as the new breed of humans...than...we white people better run away...maybe to Moon or Mars. The future of this world is truly in their hands but we white people keep them down with all that we can. The words we speak, the actions we take, are only mend to keep them at their low level and ensure the time window of the next sixty to eighty years when the soil of Africa will dry out and natural resources will be no more with them they do not wake up and come to their senses which will give us the chance to rule over them for hundreds of more years to come. Our words of comfort and assistance are fake, so fake, I am telling you! The donor funding we give is opium for them to stay where they are, not to move. When you look at it from a global financial perspective, this is our investment from tax payers money to ensure the people in Africa will never come up and take dominion of the world, that work places will stay with us and the work we create in Africa is only to manage the flow of migrants and keep the balance in our favor. It is a worthwhile investment...and it is our solution."

"Weaked mind?"
"You might say so, Anna", said Helmut Schmidt stepping on his cigarette to extinguish the flame, "but on the other side it is not. We here have to take responsibility for our own countries, our economies, our people. We were not born black and in Africa, they over there have to take care of their own future. So, ask yourself please, would it be right for us politicians in the West to promote Africans over our own people or ensure that the happiness we live today will be preserved and increased more and more? Would it not be an act of irresponsibility to raise competition to our society so that over time we will have to suffer?"

"You is for the African only to fight for their own interest and see the conditions we the white folks put them in...and do not listen to voices of the West?" asked Anna stepping back from Helmut Schmidt.

"Everyone for himself first, that is how life goes and how we were created!" responded Helmut Schmidt greeting Heinrich and Irma Heerde standing behind Anna. In an airplane when the oxygen masks come down, the healthy person has to put the mask on before helping the vulnerable once. Otherwise all die! You can be poor, no problem basically, but your help for others are only beneficial to them when you in your mind is solid...otherwise you can put them easily into trouble."

"So, it is not so much the money you have that moves mountains, but the mind you have for yourself and that what I hear from you?"

"You are on a glorious way to victory!" congratulated Helmut Schmidt Anna and walked off leaving Loki Schmidt standing chatting along with Domenica, Heinrich and Irma Heerde. Rolf Heinz Heerde had kept in the dark all the time the discussion went on.

A man passed by, looked at them, stood still, bowed down his head, lifted it up again, and walked towards them sitting underneath a mighty tree. They looked at him, he looked at them. Both were not certain about each other. Who would take the first step? His eyes were cold, ice cold, no life in them.

"I am Hamman", introduced he himself to the group of six.

"Hamman?" asked Loki Schmidt remembering the name well. "Are you the one... ."

"Yes, I was the one that killed many people and cut them into many years back!"

Irma Heerde was shocked, Heinrich Heerde leant forward to see the man known all over Germany so well so see his eyes better. Anna did not know that name at all, never heard of such a man.

"I never understood", aid Heinrich Heerde getting up standing mighty before the short man that had made headlines for months in the German press, "why you killed all those innocent people and on top of it cut them into pieces. What motivated you to do that?"

"What motivates a man to kill others and enjoy life? Is that what you mean?" sacked Hamman sitting on the wet grass scheduled to be cut the following week.

"I was eating my man as he because he has asked me to eat him!" came Robert Dietrich around the bush.

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