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17.08.2019 Feature Article

Should We Transform All Ghana's Public-Sector Second-Cycle Boarding Schools Into World-Class Day Senior High Schools? 

Should We Transform All Ghana's Public-Sector Second-Cycle Boarding Schools Into World-Class Day Senior High Schools? 
LISTEN AUG 17, 2019

If the free senior high school initiative is to remain sustainable, financially, then we need to rethink the existing policy of maintaining public boarding schools, at that level. Financially, the plain truth is that it no longer makes sense for the state to continue providing boarding facilities, for Ghana's public-sector second cycle educational institutions.

The question is: Should the provision of boarding facilities not be made the preserve of Ghana's private-sector second cycle institutions - so that those who can afford what really is a privilege will have that fee-paying alternative for their children?

Yes, attending boarding school at the senior high school level, is great; but if we are to continue providing good quality free senior high school education for all our young people - regardless of their families' finances or lack thereof - then we must focus on transforming all public boarding senior high schools into day schools. Full stop. This is a conversation we need to have as a people, asap.

Doubtless, the world will eventually transition to being powered 100 percent by renewable energy. So at a point in time, in the not too distant future, our oil and gas deposits will become worthless - as no one will buy oil and gas in the quantities they do today. What happens then?

If today we are using money from the exploitation of our oil and gas deposits, where will the bulk of the money for the free senior high school initiative come from, at the time when the world is powered by 100 percent renewable energy?

Clearly, the state must stop providing boarding facilities for public-sector senior high schools - and focus instead on transforming all Ghana's public-sector senior high school level boarding schools, into world-class day secondary schools. Yoooooo. Hmmmmm. Oman Ghana, eye asem o: Asem kesie ebeba debi ankasa.

Kofi Thompson
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