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17.08.2019 Feature Article

They Call It Politics, I Call It Politricks

They Call It Politics, I Call It Politricks
LISTEN AUG 17, 2019

Strong our hearts have become, hardened our minds will forever be!

They have fed us! Fed us unceasingly with a dinner made from lies, cooked and served by broken promises.

They have belittled us! Belittled us as though, we were clothed in the diapers of deceit and breastfed through the nipples of forgetfulness.

Alas, it's our fault! It's partly our fault that, we are in this perpetual quagmire of conceit even though, we laughed and talked with them in the common tongue of humility.

We are intoxicated by the laurels and favors they promise us. But how can an imam confess to being so drunk with the alcohol of materialism to the total neglect of humanism?...

Help, they will never attempt until it has a direct bearing on the decoration of their island of self-centeredness built by a bourgeoisic attitude of ingratitude. An island they will forever keep away from us by a secluded sea of treachery, with a violent wave born of wickedness.

But how can we be valuable in their face when all we do is, bootlick and follow them around like a bunch of spoiled rotten prostitutes, when indeed they should have followed us?

How do we expect them to treat us when we palpably sold our status as masters at a very little amount and bought their status as servants at a Relatively higher amount?

Religion is the opium of the masses, Karl Marx said. But I am sure, if he was alive in my part of the world today, his statement would have been rephrased... In my age and time, politics is the opium of the masses.

It's a virus without a vaccine... A drug that has tranquilized the thinking ability of the masses and gave us color blindness... Now our judgments are based on colors! Colors of political parties, who neither care for us nor care for the land that bore us all.

Nay! The days of giving birth to thoughts from man's mental faculties is long gone. People now eat with their minds and think with their bellies...We shall rise above this, we always say. But it's quite sad to say, our always is becoming a forever!

When we wittingly leave our farms for campaign grounds, when we arrogantly sell possibilities for promises, when we sell our happiness for endless anticipations...we dare not tell God to give us any sign of our doom days, for we had it all!

-Adam Thualethu Uthamah

Adam Thualethu Uthamah
Adam Thualethu Uthamah, © 2019

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