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Christ does not offer immunity from life’s hardships, a cure for every disease, and financial success—contrary to what some may preach. What Christ offered then is what He offers today—Himself as the sacrificial substitute for our sins and a challenge to serve Him. If we accept His offer, we will not be disappointed in Him.

There is no disappointment in Jesus, He is all that He promised to be; His love and His care comforts me everywhere; He is no disappointment to me. Putting Christ first brings satisfaction that lasts (Our Daily Bread, March 24, 1991).

We must never be content merely to lead people to salvation. Instead, through discipling, we must nurture saved souls, transforming them into saints, servants, and soldiers (Paul W. Powell, Building an Evangelistic Church).


A believer related that once when he was lying upon his bed in the evening the thought arose in his heart that he must visit a certain person who had confessed to be a Christian but was now living in sin. This idea became so strong that he got up and went, although the person lived at the other end of the city. When he rang the bell the person himself opened the door and asked what he wanted. He then told him honestly why he had come, whereupon he received the answer: “That is wonderful. At the moment that you rang, I was standing upon a chair with a rope around my neck to hang myself. When you rang the bell the thought came to me that I should first see yet who was there ringing so late.”

This is a person who is obedient to the prompting of the Holy Spirit (“The Holy Spirit is a Divine Person).


  1. A full surrender of the will to God
  2. The removal of the burden of sin, gradually OR SUDDENLY
  3. A new feeling of love to Christians and Jesus
  4. A new desire for the Word of God
  5. Pleasure in secret prayer
  6. Sin or sinful thoughts will cause pain
  7. Desire and efforts for the salvation of others
  8. A desire to obey Christ in His commands and ordinances
  9. Deep humility and self-abasement
  10. A growing desire to be holy and love Christ.

B. Earle, Bringing in the Sheaves

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